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Thinking about selling my GSX-R750 for a 690 Duke, 796 Hypermotard or Street Triple R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by V-meister, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    So I'm finally starting to realise that sportsbikes are no longer my cup of tea - I've got some old injuries that make it painful for extended rides and most of my riding nowadays is urban...and seems to be more and more traffic!

    Hence, I'm thinking about listing my K8 GSX-R750 for sale and getting something more upright and city friendly. The gix is an AWESOME bike but just not the right fit for me or my desired style of riding anymore.

    The Street Triple R has always been in the back of my mind and don't really need thoughts on this as I already know how good it is and have had the pleasure of riding one ;)

    However, I've recently started admiring the KTM 690 Duke (from afar) and also the Hypermotard 796. I love the 1100 but don't think I need the grunt, plus the lower seat height is a good thing! (I'm only 172cm)

    Anyone own/ridden these bikes? The Hypermotard feels quite comfy for my height but it seems the KTM has a super high seat? (yet to find one to sit on).

    Any thoughts would be much appreciated! I understand these are 3 potentially very different bikes but open to hearing what people think...

  2. The duke is a beautiful bike but significantly heavier to me than my streety. It's also higher/wider in the seat & even for me at 178cm it's a reach. (I half can get half of each foot down on the street.) The motard I don't really know about but if you ask me that's in a whole different class of it's own really. I'd say the streety and duke would be more user friendly & you'd get more out of them.

    To close, I'm actually selling my streety - don't really want to but if you end up going that way don't be scared to throw me an offer. ;)

  3. get the motard.
  4. I had a long look at a Street Triple and KTM when I was buying my new bike.

    The Street is awesome. No two ways about it. It's relatively comfortable, nimble and the motor sounds awesome.

    KTM I found a bit more raw. Less comfortable, but the performance was probably marginally better overall, but not enough to choose it as a proposition.

    I ended up buying a Z1000. More bike for similar money. Probably not quite as emotive as the Street or as Raw as the KTM but stomps them both for performance.

    My 2c.
  5. the street triple and 796 hyper are in one class, the 690 duke is in another. surely you can bargain the price down of a 690 duke, they were throwing them out at $9,990 ride away at the start of the year. i was so close to buying one.

    the mini hyper has junk suspension and brakes. if you're buying a hyper you buy a big one, the 796 is still too heavy and not specced high enough to be much good.

    depends what you like, i hate heavy bikes so dont like the triumph. i would have a big hyper, but not a little one.

    these bikes are so different though.

    thought about a ktm superduke? pick one up for $13.5k brand new.

    [MENTION=35051]BennyV[/MENTION], the only place a z1000 beats a 690 duke in performance is top speed.
  6. Acceleration isn't even in the same ballpark. Zed's got roughly twice the power for a start and only 40kg's more weight. KTM's suspension is better, but harsher.

    Superduke on the other hand. That's a better rival.
  7. @Grumpy_Trumpy - I thought the 690 duke was only 148kg? Your streety looks awesome! Unfortunately it's well out my price range for a used triple...Sweet bike though ;)

    @JimmyD - are you sure the Duke and SuperDuke are that cheap?? It looks like the Duke is around the $15-6k mark and the Super around the $18-20k mark?

    I love the Super but think it's too big for my short frame and type of riding I need it for now...
  8. or course the suspension is better, the zed has damper rod forks and you cant even adjust for compression on both ends.

    the bikes are totally different, but put them through a set of twisties and you will find the better performing bike.

    the only thing the zed has on the SD is ABS and fuel consumption.
  9. I've ridden those three. Liked them all, but in different ways.

    690 is by far the most nimble and immediate. It's a great town bike, good in the twisties but (I am guessing here) probably awful on highway and not very comfortable.

    Street is brilliant, I'm used to a little more oomph, but it's not far short.

    Hyper is sweet but frustrating. Handling and cornering is sublime, but it's a little bit breathless for mine, and not quite as comfortable as I would like. It feels incredibly aggressive to ride in that riding position but that wears thin after a while. Mirrors are gorgeous but unusable in the real world for me.

    You really should sit on a Superduke - more usable than the 690 IMO. Seen remaindered '09 and '10 models for around $16k (If I saw one for $13.5 I'd jump on it!).
  10. Coming off the 750, I'd suggest the 675 as the closest to everything you like about the GSX-R, along with good practicality and plenty of agility for a bike nudging 100hp at the wheel. There isn't the the long bungie cord slingshot sensation the 750 gets around 6-7 grand, but more immediacy from the lower gearing, at least in the lower half of the tacho. You can fairly effortlessly punt the naked 675 around surprisingly briskly without getting over 6 grand, should it suit the mood.
  11. :-s

    What the hell..?
  12. Thanks for the thoughts guys,

    I think I need to find a 690 to at least sit on to answer my seat height concerns. The 675 sounds like the smartest proposition (and a bike I've always considered) but part of me wants a fun hooligan toy...

    Although the Hypermotard 796 has lower spec equipment than the 1100, I've read some pretty good reviews. Will see if I can get a test ride somewhere.
  13. 189kg wet is still pretty heavy.
  14. If you are into 'tards, yes the triumph is heavy compared to a tard.

    I can understand that. There is something about a light bike even if you lose power.
  15. Perhaps, though one wonders "Compared to what?"

    AFAIK it's pretty much the lightest ~600-800cc naked bike in the universe, and by a pretty considerable margin (15kg?) compared to some of its competitors.

    And then stuff like the Husky SM630 is 155kg dry (12kg less than the Street Triple), with half the horsepower, half the fueltank size and half the comfort and probably half the maintenance interval too. Admittedly, the 630's fairly heavy for a supermoto. :S

    Edit: I testrode a Street Triple R recently, while contemplating where to go now that I've had my Tiger 1050 for a few years. Succinctly, it seemed like the 90rwhp BMX bike I never had as a kid, and everything about it seems meticulously crafted to encourage the rider to make up for those years of lost time. :D
  16. yeah i do have a bit of a weird taste in bikes, but i still feel that sort of weight heavy. i dont like riding my R6 haha (beats me why i bought it in the first place). there is something about throwing a bike around thats only 125kg ready to ride that appeals to me, even if they dont go very fast in a straight line.

    i just feel the street triple falls in a place that is neither here nor there, but alot of people like them. if i had to have one, i would splash the cash for the R, as i hate shit suspension. i just think that even though they probably are a good bike, the ktm 990 superduke does a better job of what the street triple tries to do. even if they are a bit more cash (not alot more, if you know where to look $13.5k is a rideaway for a new one).

    for me a 690 duke R would be pretty suited, but i know that others do not like them. i would class it as a naked bike, just because it has roadbike ground clearance and suspension travel. still has around 13L tank so its not too bad. but i dont think i would get one as a 690smc has the same engine but is 10kg lighter.

    in my books 150kg + 70hp + 70nm = more fun than 190kg + 105hp + 68nm.

    i think its the torque to weight thing that makes bikes fun on the street.
  17. What Spots said.

    The context is someone coming from a GSX-R 750, and as fun as either the Duke or Hyper is, even after a bit of time to adapt, there's a fair chance of becoming frustrated anywhere but in the tighter twisties, and ecpecially if you want to travel, or ride more open roads with others.

    Again, you say 13.5K for a new 990 Superduke, but won't say where, and nobody else seems to be able to find anything close to that. Are you going to tell us?

    Also, it's a taller bike, which is ideal for some but not so much for others. In fact it suits me to a tee (at 183cm), and is very much like a roomier version of the ST ride position, and with a comfier seat. If one can be had for the price you say, it's brilliant.

    But if you're talking spec sheet weights, the 990 falls foul of your argument here, such as it is. Wouldn't bother me though, because it's one of the bikes I've most wanted.

    Also, your little equation is comparing the dry weight of the 690 Duke with the wet weight of the Street Triple (and that's calling wet 23kg worth).

    The dry weights are more like 148kg vs 167kg.

    Also, the ST is comparable weight to the GSX-R, but the wider and closer bars and the more upright position makes it even more easily managable.

    The OP might well fall in love with the Hyper (which sits nicely in the middle, is a glorious V-twin, and would rate better still with more fuel capacity), or 690 Duke, but the ST is the most powerful, best all-rounder, and plenty nimble, even if not as much as a Motard. The extra stomp is pretty good compensation, and it's still one of the most flickable road bikes around.
  18. I'm only 172cm so the SuperDuke will be too high for me...Definitely agree that the ST is the best all rounder of the bunch though. I am hoping for something that's also good value on the used market (don't want to buy new).

    If I wanted to spend more, I reckon I'd be seriously looking at a Speed Triple, Hyper 1100, Tuono V4!
  19. So went to a dealership today and sat on an STR to try it on for size again. Didn't feel as small as I remember them to be...I think maybe the seat is quite wide...

    Also thought of a couple of other naked options that may be worth a look:


    Might see if I can locate a dealer and at least try sitting on them before shortlisting what is worth a test ride...

    Also yet to try the 690 Duke and 796 Hyper for size.
  20. Just to throw another spanner in the works. If you are looking at the HM796 also take a look at the Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 or better yet the Factory. Has better suspension than the HM even in normal trim. The motor is a revier unit that the air-cooled Ducati lump. Makes similar low down power to the Duc but more up top. Its a little bit heavier at standstill but it actually feels lighter than the Duc when you get moving. All the comparisons I have seen have put it ahead of the Duc. See if you can find one and give it a try. Just looked it up and it has a higher seat height than the Ducati so you will need to sit on one to see if it fits you. Im 186cm and could flat foot both feet comfortably still.
    I loved my test ride on the Dorsoduro 750 Factory. So much fun. Felt down a bit on power but I was comparing it to my Speed Triple. Once some of the Dorsoduro 1200s start coming up second hand I think I'll have one.
    Dorsoduro 750 seems to cost anywhere from about $10,000 to $16,000 for the most expensive brand new ones listed.
    Factory models seem to be $16,000 to almost $18,000. Have seen cheaper second hand ones about but dosen't seem to be many listed atm.
    Short vid:
    Ducati 796 Hypermotard vs Aprilia Dorsoduro Factory