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Thinking about halving the wheels and doubling the fun

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by bigbaz, Jan 11, 2008.

  1. Hyosung

  2. Suzuki

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  3. Aprilia

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  1. Well im currently living in a 4 wheeled world and have loved my cars for a long time, i am currently driving a twin turbo 300zx, and its a great car but petrol prices are destroying me and its not really designed to be daily driven so was thinking about getting something smaller to commute to work. Then i though stuff it i will get somehting a whole lot smaller and have 2 toys to play with. Now my question is, i have no riding licence as yet but am starting to look at what sort of bikes i can get, i have narrowed it down to a choice of three but wanted some experienced opinions on them. Basically i am 6' 4" and 110kg so want a bigger bike that will be comfortable for me and have enough power to keep me amused and carry my 110kg arse around

    The choices

    Hyosung Comet GT650R
    Suzuki GS500F
    Aprilia RS250


    Edit - I am also looking for somehting with a reasonable resale value so probably not a new purchase as i will keep it for 12-18 months and then probably upgrade

  2. Steer clear of the whoflung unless you're going to buy new with warranty.

    The RS250 is a highly strung race bike not unlike your car, it's also pretty small. Not an easy bike to learn on.

    The GS500 is just about perfect for what you want - easy to ride, plenty of power, comfy and should deliver you loads of confidence as you get your skillz up. Go for it.
  3. :WStupid:
  4. Welcome Baz!!
    'half the wheels for double the fun ' :LOL: never heard it said b4.

    Loz ...
    You may owe me a keyboard, just spat drink all over the fcuker after your
    'whoflung' comment
    :rofl: :rofl:
  5. well i figured if i get a bike as opposed to my previous choice (don't laugh at me) a honda civic, then i will have 2 toys rather than one and a daily driver so double the fun and half the wheels is obvious
  6. i don't think RS250 is leaner legal....
  7. Buy the Suzuki, but don't fool yourself!! With your profile (22yo and driving a 300ZX Twin Turbo - I had that exact same car at your age! :cool: ) you'll probably get something a little more powerful not very far down the line... :LOL:
  8. Hey there. Seen a black 300zx pansy (non turbo) charging around the beaches lately?

    Hyosung Comet GT650R - Probably best solution, assuming it doesn't brake down (and the chances are higher than other bikes)
    Suzuki GS500F - Not a sportsbike, power is beefy and doesn't need revvs, upright riding position so comfy for commuting, but not ideal for cornering
    Aprilia RS250 - awesome bike, but not legal on Ls or Ps in NSW, + its a very very powerful bike and not ideal to learn on

    Cbr/fzr/zx2r - Fast, fun, not as comfortable, older, less reliable, fun, more aggressive riding position, fun, power comes on at higher revvs (19000ish reddline, max power at 16000ish)

    Any of the above is just about (if not faster) than a turbo zx.

    Other bikes to check out; zzr250, gpx250, suzuki across, vtr250, rs125, nsr150. Come to next terry hills tav meet and you can see some learner bikes.
  9. mine is definitely a TT you can tell by the massive FMIC hanging off it, it sounds a bit NA ish atm no bovs or anything

    Also lacks power due to oil leaks and me putting 25W in it to assist until i can strip it down again

    but havent seen any black NA zeds around the beaches, i think there is a chick in st ives that has one

    yeah definitely not something i will be holding onto for ages, just to get me through the learner stage, ultimately i would love a hayabusa (i dobt think they are learner legal though

    The bike will mainly be for commuting with a bit of fun on the weekends not much as i will have to share the love between it and the zed
  10. If its primarily a commuter, I'd go for a gs500e (cheaper than faired version, easier to maintain too), or a nice cheap gpx250, or vtr250.
  11. i see what your saying but basically i prefer the look of the 500f and well it cant all be about practicallity there has to be some looks involved too, also just read you are in narrabeen, i would say its me your referring to with the black zed cruisin around cos im also in narrabeen right near cherry blossoms
  12. Probably seen you around, but a friend of mine has that non turbo zed, constantly trekking from manly to avalon and back every 3 minutes :rofl:

    You will see (ok maybe not, but you'll hear) me charging about on my blue SV soon. I dont know what cherry blossom is? I'm near the fire station.
  13. +1 for the naked GS500...

    haha looks are definitely subjective coz I think the naked is much sexier than the faired version... the fairing IMO just seems over sized for the bike... naked would be cheaper to fix if you dropped it too... but whatever floats your boat, it'd be a great bike either way
  14. Sorry for the hijack, but what about a motard?
  15. i wouldnt reccomend any of the bikes you listed. GT650Rs are absolute heaps of shit at the best of times. the only thing they have going for them is a tourqey motor, but it is rough as shit, and this assumes it hasnt dropped a valve, snapped a cam chain, or that the gear box hasnt shit itself to smithereens. (and all of you loyal hyo owners protest all you want, but all of these things and more have happened to the numerous poeple i know that own these bikes)
    GS500, otherwise known as seisure 500s, fine around town, but a bit of an old fat dinosaur despite the gixxer look alike headlight. i have seen these bikes suffer critical failure when ridden hard. if you ride them within their design brief (ie not flogged) they will serve you fine.
    RS250, doesnt matter cause you cant ride it.
    jared sorry mate, but your comment on the CBR250 et al on being unreliable is utter bollocks unless you buy an old shit one. mind you finding a good one is becoming harder and harder to come by. a CBR 250 IS faster than a GS500.

    at the end of the day i would echo alex's comment that a motard would be the way to go. buy a 600 or so motard, bucket loads of torque, awesome handeling, but be warned if you are already a hoon, a thumper will not do anything but encourage license loosing behavoir. only downside for this option but is it is expensive, but if ya got the cash....
  16. cherry blossom is the gypsy shop that is about 10 doors towards collaroy from the fire station