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Thinking about getting a scooter...

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by enam, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. Hey. I've been looking around a bit recently for a scooter, and thought you might help.

    I'm looking for a Vespa/retro-looking style one, not one of those motorcycle/sporty ones. I was hoping to find a good one for around $2k.

    Honda has one called the Today (http://www.hondamotorcycles.com.au/motorcycle+range/scooter/today+50_06.htm) which looks kinda like what I was after. It is $1,990 + orc. I know this will sound silly, but I kinda wanted one with a stripe down the middle lol.

    So some questions. Does the Today seem like a good choice?

    What are some (if any) good $2k range scooters?

    How much do you save on petrol if you get a scooter compared to a car?


  2. Oh, just found this: http://www.scpscooters.com.au/beccio.html

    It's RRP is $1,890 + orc and looks quite nice. Are Beccio's good?

    Two other questions too, sorry.

    If I was to buy a scooter at my local dealer, about how much would on the road costs be? Just a ballpark would be nice.

    And what is everyone's thoughts about using ebay to shop for a scooter?

  3. on road costs etc. will depend on where you are.

    The Bolwell Jolie seems well thought of - there's a few here that ride them.
    There's some reprints of Two Wheels magazine's Bolwell scooter tests at http://www.scoota.com.au/bolwell_testrides.html

  4. honda today is slow and its small , its like riding a kids bike
  5. Hey whatever floats your boat :p

    Probably not gonna get a lot for 2k

  6. Get a gun and shoot yourself.... or get a job at dominos.... which equats to about the same!
  7. Thats a bit harsh............telling someone to get a job at Dominos :LOL:
  8. Ignore the snide and the brain dead. The big difference with the Honda Today and most of the other $1,999 jobs is that it is a 4-Stroke not a 2-Stroke. This means greater economy, more reliability, but less power. The 2-Strokes are pretty much the opposite, i.e more expensive to run, (need 2T oil), are a bit less reliable, particularly if ridden hard, but are more powerful.
  9. HEYYY .... I resemble that comment!!!

    Good luck with the scoot hunting dude..... I know motorcycle riders have fun scooter hunting on the road.... :wink: :wink:
  10. Interesting. I will probably only use it for going around in the city and whatever, so 50kms would probably do me. But then again something may arise...

    I just saw a few reviews on the net for the Today and it didn't sound too flash. I do however like the sound of the VMoto Milan (http://www.vmoto.com/au/milan/). It is a 2-stroke 50cc, but the best thing is apparently you can swap between different coloured panels which sounds like fun. Anyone know much about them?

    lol, I worked in a pizza shop once. How I yearned for a gun...
  11. It was Australia's biggest selling scooter last year.
    So there is lots of support for it.

    However it is a cheap Chinese scooter and in my opinion misses out on the build quality and features of many other scooters within the price range.

    It will get you where you want to go - at about 60kph on the flat. Make sure you don't live near any hills.

    Oh, please put in your location, makes referring to costs, local conditions etc a LOT easier.
  12. I know that one of the guys down @ Redwing has been on one of these for a while now and he has got about 31k's/Litre (6L Tank from memory).

    So based on that, its amazing fuel efficient.

  13. I'd say you're looking at around $500 on top of bare price, for 'dealer, delivery and statutory charges', rego and what-not.
  14. Get on here and have a look around , you'll find all the info you are looking for without the snide remarks from the girl on the 250 ..aussiescooters.com
  15. What sort of features are you referring to that it misses out on?

    Not really any hills around here (I live in Townsville).

    Sounds good, the Vmoto site says it has a 5L tank... Anyway, as long as it isn't a car lol. Can't believe how steep petrol is getting!
  16. Just checked out the AussieScooters forum. There was a fair bit of support for the Today. I think in the end I'm probably going to go with a Milan, simply for appearance. I'm only going to be going for short rides around town so I don't have any major concerns over pushing it too far. Also, I hear their servicing dealio is very good.
  17. A scooter in that range is going to be ok if you dont plan on going over 50-60 klm p/h. I have just bought the mrs a bolwell HD200 and i rode it home last weekend and it sat on 100k no probs on the freeway. You seriously have to ask yourself what am i realy going to get for 2k ??? Think long and hard before you buy something that will be a nuisance to other rd users..
  18. i rode the milan for a week when my monza was in for service work

    very zippy!

    disk brakes would be nice.. but teh drums do pull it up

    comfortable single seater.

    under seat storage ample for helmet.

    wheels are small so watch for pot holes.

    but over all wasnt a bad ride.
  19. No disc brake, no fuel gauge (warning light only), separate locks for seat storage and ignition, I found the lock for the seat to be very cheap and nasty. But look, I'm sure you are going to like your ride.
  20. I don't like the sound of not having a fuel gauge, the other stuff doesn't seem to bother me though.

    DelusionL raises a good question (for me to ask); are there any scooters in the $2000 price range which could fit two people?