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Thinking about buying a Sachs Express?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Kernel, Jun 4, 2011.

  1. Don't... they're pieces of crap. That is all

  2. I'm sure they have their market, but I agree, i wouldn't buy one!
  3. Well if you don't crash it and you look after it, it should be OK... but if you so much as slide it across the road, things will start to fail and things will start to fall apart, not including the initial damage.
  4. I had one. It never skipped a beat. Had one issue with it once with the gear shifter loosening while i was riding. Easy fix.

    Change the oil ever 1000kms and it'll never die really. Shit will fall off and it will rust to bits but the engine should still run.

    I loved it! Used no gas, would run on anything, and would most certainly never get stolen. Would even take a pillion and still go up hills!

    But they are so uncool.
  5. Every thousand K's? :| And all you can hope for is that the engine 'should' still run... That's a pretty short interval, what about the valves etc?
    Why not just buy a tried and true 250 Jap single/twin or even a postie (would probably have more guts and would be infinitely more reliable)?
  6. Yeah I found that the motor was OK but it was everything else that either fell off or wore out prematurely.

    Couldn't agree more.
  7. I doubt if the postie has more guts, as I had the Madass and a postie and the Madass was faster, and the express has a bigger engine than the Madass.
  8. I now have a tried and true Japanese twofiddy and I'm more worried about it exploding than the express.... with a shitty cheap engine, its worth changing the oil just as a precaution.
  9. What oil does it need? that would get expensive unless it;s a tiny sump
  10. Yeah nothing special. It was like a litre sump if i recall.
  11. Probably a good little contraption for inner city putting around, but for any regular bike riding across a variety of uses, i consider these things to be useless, as an alternative to a real bike.
    It's up to what you will be using it for.
  12. Pretty much identical to the late 70s Jap commuters that are its blood ancestors then.......
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  13. It is almost certainly a piece of shit. Just buy an old CB250. Chinese bikes are bad.
  14. i stand by the sachs express.

    I would even get one again if i was still a poor HSC student :p
  15. maybe I was just unlucky and got a shit swing arm that fucked itself. maybe I used the bike in much harsher conditions than it was designed for which made it shit itself.
    ...actually come to think of it, it was probably that time I took it out on that dirt track, which included throwing it through a puddle the size of a small pond at about 40kph... yeah, that's what rooted it.
  16. bloody hell kernel, it was just a little teenie weenie 150 commuter bike!

    I have so many fond memories of mine, i find it hard to hate them no matter how crap they may have been. I remember fanging it up the old road years ago... and now i go up there going twice or more the speed i was on my express. Ha, express. What a funny name.

    Seriously tho it's chinese what do you expect?!?!
  17. i agree the name 'express' is pretty funny heh :LOL:
  18. I put led lights in to pimp it out.

    I also put on a bigger sprocket. Woah, the perfomance :p

    And that rear drum brake... so many stopping g's.
  19. did you find that it would loose power if you wrung the throttle as wide open as it would go? mine did and would surge, I'm pretty sure it was lean on the main jet. if i still had mine, i would:
    -install a bigger main jet
    -install a bigger front sprocket
    -upgrade that shit headlight (relay kit and more powerful bulb maybe? but I might've melted the wiring and/or the headlight bucket)
    i wouldn't bother with the instruments. the speedo is only really there to stay legal. although mine cacked themselves too after a couple of drops. even after my bike was completely repaired after my accident (should've just put the money i had saved up while in hospital to a new one) the damn tacho cable snapped. eh, the tacho was shit anyway. mind you, at least it had a tacho, which i reckon was one of the cool less common features of the bike, along with the backup kickstart (pretty much a necessity with dodgy chinese electronics).

    can you believe that for a replacement headlight, it costed me $200??
  20. Dude i was stupid enough to have mine serviced at a dealer


    I was young. Gimme a break.

    My tacho stopped working within a few metres of riding (mind you, it came into my possession after 10000kms). I never really needed it anyway. The engine was harsh at any speed.

    Yes, i remember it sputtering at full throttle! i loved that :p

    If i still had it, i would turn it into an ag bike.