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Thinking about building a bobber...

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Marlon, Feb 15, 2007.

  1. Hey Guys and Girls,

    Now that my cafe project is almost done, I'm thinking about tackling a bobber, hopefully using a cheap bike as a basis. 1960's styling, drag bars, sprung seat etc. Maybe even a hardtail frame.

    That rules out harleys, and real classic in good condition etc.

    Probably isn't the right forum to post it up in, but anybody have any ideas about the engine? So far I'm thinking...

    Triumph Parallel twin : Triumph etc. Maybe even a written off new Bonne engine, if I could find one. It'd be my first option if I could find one...
    Honda CB750 : From when i was looking at one to build a cafe racer, there seemed to be two types around -
    Kawasaki Z1 : Bombastically large four cylinder, twin cam beast. There seem to be a fair few for sale these days at very good prices. Probably the way I'm going to go.

    Any ideas, hints and suggestions? Even if anybody knows of another forum that might be better suited to post this up on.
  2. I for one would not discount an early yamaha TR1 model
    XV 1000 v twin

    They had a lot going for them for your project the back end can be made to look rigid as theyhad the triangulated back end with the shock up the backbone of the frame

    Nice and simple 1000 cc twin chain drive etc just a thought
  3. mmmm ya luv ya bikes!! If it was me and it isn't I would go with the Z1 not many of these modded like you want around. CB750's tend to go for a bit much I reckon.

    But the triumph is pretty cool :cool:

    Yeah the Z1 for me.
  4. The Trumpy for pure simplicity, weight and ease of riding.

    All the best with the new project and look forward to the pics
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    67 triumph bobber

    not sure about the suicide shift but im definitely a fan of rat bobbers, simplicity is the key and with something like a Bonneville engine in a rigid cro molly frame how can you go wrong.
  6. Late '70s, early '80s Suzi GS750 or GS1000. Bulletproof, grunty, piece of the proverbial to hardtail/single top tube or lower the seat rails and extend the swingarm, and, best of all, cheap, cheap CHEAP (cheaper than the big Zs anyway).

    The custom scene in the UK would not have existed 15 years ago had it not been for the GS series. No better basis exists.
  7. I look forward to seeing what you come up with! \:D/
  8. did this idea ever get off the ground Marlon?

    i like your idea of a new bonnie as a donor bike, i myself have been tossing up the idea of building a bobber with a second hand royal enfield, they're quite cheap and i've been interested in them ever since i had the pleasure of riding a couple in India last year.

    before i get serious about the idea i want to be sure the project is achievable and wont break the bank also the bike would be my only one (just a toy for weekends, not commuting)

    first i'd aim to find a suitable donor bike, i imagine the easiest way to build a bobber would be to just slide everything from one bike into a suitable hardtail frame (obviously it's more complicated then this) rather then sourcing the build piece by piece.
    a repairable write-off enfield, a running second hand enfield or any other suitable 500ccish single (not keen on anything more then a twin) would be nice as long as it runs well and is relatively complete.
    ideally a newish enfield 500 would be great for reliability and parts reasons.
    then i'd investigate having a custom hardtail frame fabricated or an existing one from any hardtail European bike (probably from the 50's and earlier) modified to take the engine and components of my choice or i've also seen numerous bobbers made from softails by having an engineer replace the rear of the frame also i believe headtube modifications might be required.
  9. A Bobber hey? Well a Trumpy would be the go and twins seem to always work better than a 4 so I would look at Yamaha XS650 and the late Kawasaki W650 if you cant find a 650 or 750 Triumph. The late (current) Bonneville would also be a pretty easy bike to do. The way Z1 prices are going up I would discount that completely. If you were going to bob a 4 cyl I would also go a GS1000 or GS750 Suzuki.
  10. what about a Vmax?
    they were notoriously pathetic handling anyway and have huge power... rake out the front toss the rear end out and away u go!

    u might get one cheap cheap too.
  11. I luv those style of bikes, whatever you get for a motor makesure it's loud :p
  12. Hey Marlon, how's the bobber project coming along? Did you think of a Guzzi motor? best looking and meant to be shown off IMO (and LOUD). You would need the shaft drive assembly to fit your frame though (or just use a guzzi frame).

    (edit) I have a few images but i need 5 posts first so i'll bump this thread
  13. last bump
  14. pics as promised




    This is my type of project. Unfortunately my projects always finish prematurely.