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Thinking about adding a bike to the stable

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Voz, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. Hi, I have a Tmax 500 scooter which I absolutely love to bits and ride every day. I want to keep this scooter and maybe add a motorbike to my stable.

    It seems that since I started riding in Feb 12 that I have ridden every day so am pretty enthusiastic about riding. I will take the scooter to do everything including commuting, shopping, just anything. I have 3 pretty decent cars to choose from and I just do not use them at all. I have put on about 2500 klm in my first 3 months and that is all mainly in Sydney.

    I will be moving to my Provisional license in the next 2 weeks and then on that for 12 mths until I am allowed an unrestricted license. So my new bike will need to meet LAMS requirements.

    I will most likely go for a used bike to save money and would like to limit the spend to about $8000.

    The things I would like to improve with my current scoot are :

    - increased acceleration (Tmax is about 0-100in 7.5 secs)
    - manual gears (Tmax is CVT)
    - maybe lower kerb weight for low speed parking etc
    - better handling of the bumps on Sydney streets (Tmax has 15" F & R)
    - I am majorly attracted to ABS brakes, I really want ABS
    - increased flexibility to go through narrower gaps in normal riding situation with confidence
    - Ability to go off road maybe, just in terms of unsealed roads not through the bush

    The things I want to retain in my ride would be:

    - some sort of storage, I guess I could fit a top box but the under seat storage on the Tmax is just awesome.
    - protection from the wind and rain
    - seat comfort, I can stay in the Tmax seat for hours
    - smooth engine, does not vibrate the bike at any RPM
    - Xenon headlights (fitted these aftermarket)
    - stability and handling are excellent on the Tmax and I have never felt a loss of traction at any time in my riding, wet or dry.

    I have seen the VStrom with ABS and was wondering if this might be a good choice?

    All suggestions welcomed, thanks.
  2. Take a look a the CB400 ABS......perfect for your requirements...They really are one of the best "bigger" LAMS machines around - a little more expensive than most, but with your budget of $8K second hand you'd have no problem.
  3. Look at a kawasaki ninja 650 rl. Easily in your budget, good acceleration, weather protection, stable, luggage is easy to organise.
  4. Will add to the list. I see it is very easy to destrict this model as well. As I am 6.1" with short legs, long body, I will need to go and have a sit on these various bikes to make sure they fit.

    Keep the suggestions coming, thanks!
  5. Kawasaki Versys (KLE650). Like the Ninja but better! The most underrated bike in Australia I reckon. I absolutely love mine.
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  6. How about the Yamaha FZ6R. It's LAMS approved and the seat is height adjustable. It has more of an upright seating position. THere is a gel seat available for more comfort. I'm have this bike at the moment and it's a breeze to ride.
  7. your dream bike sounds boring
  8. gs500f, with a ventura rack and bag.
    cb400 with a screen and some luggage,
    vstar with panniers
  9. if you want smooth you need to go for an inline four motor, nothing else will be comparable in smoothness. There are lots of very powerful I4 race rep bikes from the 90s' that are smooth as, but you wont want these.

    I would recommend the Fz6r from yamahahaha, its got abs, luggage, comfort, smoothness, good sports chassie but touring comfort with riser bars, also has good weather protection, you could get an aftermarket screen to move more air out of the way for touring comfort.

    dont get a gs500 or anything parallel twin or single they vibrate like lawn mowers.

    dont hate unless you have owned an I4 and felt the smoothness.
  10. Also don't hate on a modern twin for vibes until you own one.
    Might be slight vibes at idle, but the disappear when riding.
  11. As a previous TMax owner I know everything you love about the machine. They are to me the ultimate urban commuter and once you've had the storage, feet up ride and CVT in traffic it's hard to move away.
    A suggestion.... Ride it for another year and then move to a BMW F800R or ST like I did. Panniers, abs and a really fun ride.
    I still miss the TMax for its ease to get into town and would have both if I could.
  12. Honda Deauville. Ignore the haters who'll tell you its as boring as batsh!t and look at what it could do for you. A reputation you can't climb over, but never for unreliability or lack of usefulness. Well-proven mechanicals and ready to travel. And that, rather than posing at cafes, is what motorcycling is about.
  13. This is the reason I want to keep the Tmax and add a bike. I will definately be keeping the Tmax, it is just so good. Even as a new rider I am pretty siure I can see the enjoyment, advantages and practicalities of the Tmax over many other rides.

    I guess the best thing for me would be to take a few of the suggested models here out for a cruise and see what feels right.

    I do like the look of those BMW 800's although I can not ride one until I am unrestricted in May 2013.

    Generally speaking is it fair to say that service costs for the BMW would be much more than a Japanese bike?
  14. they really are boring as batshit though
  15. So, I took a 2011 Ninja 650L out for a couple of test rides today. The bike was unrestricted so I go to feel the full power.

    To be honest, I really did not like the experience. I found the seating position unfomfortable and by butt was sliding forward all the time so my nuts were pressed up against the tank. I also founf my feet to be in a really unnatural position. I am 6 foot 1 inch with short legs long body and long arms. I also weigh in at a hefty 125Kg and have a reasonable gut.

    I took the bike out for 2 runs and had the gear selector and handle bars adjusted for the second run. The first run was on city roads and the second run was on the freeway.

    I also sat on an ER-6NL and felt that overall the bike was a bit small and that again I was pushed into the tank as though I was sitting on a slippery dip.

    So, the next bike I sat on was a Versys 650L. Now this I liked, much better upright position and my feet were in a more natural position. I also liked the increased suspension travel for uneven Sydney streets. unfortunately I was not able to take the Versys out for a run but will do in the next few weeks.

    I have seen a bit of forum chat about the Versys and overall the opinions appear to be negative. Does anyone here have any experience with the Versys?

    I only plan to keep the bike for a year until I am on my unrestricted license and am not too worried about losing money on the resale although I do not want a complete haircut. I figure if it costs about $11K new then it will be worth about $7-8K in a year. It does appear that there are not as many buyers looking for a Versys though so selling may take a while.
  16. versys has one advantage over the er6n on the road. that being a higher view point to see further ahead and over cars.
    which also translates to your visibility to drivers over car roof lines.
    this is a good advantage. but it is it's only advantage.
    the downside is a higher centre of gravity, particularly with a full tank.
    it's going to be a lot different in it's characteristics to your current ride.

    but really, any propper motorcycle will, unless it's a cruiser.
    you will need to adapt. you don't sit on your arse like on a scooter.

    consider this. it's neutral and a competant all rounder> http://www.suzukimotorcycles.com.au/bikes/road/sport-sport-touring/2012/gsx650f-learner-approved.html

    should be more than competitive on price and very little loss in resale 12 months time.
    by then you should have a sense for whether you want to go more sportsbike or more tourer. it's a neutral starting point.
  17. Goldwing
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  18. Versys 650L and the new Ninja 650L have changed the riding position and seating a lot. I have the RL nearly 12 months now. I found I was sliding close to the tank at 1st then I learnt about core strength and griping the tank. I dont have that issue with it. I bought mine new has been very faithful bike but Iwill be upgrading soon
  19. I just pulled the trigger on a new 2012 Kawasaki Versys 650RL from Bikebiz in Parramatta.

    Getting my Adventure ride on.

    Depending on what accessories are available I could have it tomorrow or in the next week. Going to option it up with every conceivable option from 12V socket, gear change indicator, Givi cases, crash bars, sliders, etc so could be a while before it is ready to go.

    Excited.....just quietly....
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  20. I think you should stick with the same capacity but get a real motorbike.

    Which one? A CX500. Yes I know it ticks almost none of the boxes but what the heck.

    - increased acceleration (Tmax is about 0-100in 7.5 secs) A little
    - manual gears (Tmax is CVT) Yes
    - maybe lower kerb weight for low speed parking etc Dunno how much yours weighs but a CX is not light.
    - better handling of the bumps on Sydney streets (Tmax has 15" F & R) Probably
    - I am majorly attracted to ABS brakes, I really want ABS Bad luck, just learn good brake technique.
    - increased flexibility to go through narrower gaps in normal riding situation with confidence Yep
    - Ability to go off road maybe, just in terms of unsealed roads not through the bush Yep, someone took one of these around the world. No dramas. Of course, just because something CAN be done doesn't mean it SHOULD be done.
    - some sort of storage, I just happen to have panniers and a topbox for sale...
    - protection from the wind and rain Yep - your house when you get home.
    - seat comfort, OK, can reupholster for better comfort too.
    - smooth engine, does not vibrate the bike at any RPM ](*,) ha ha ha heck no.
    - Xenon headlights (fitted these aftermarket) Spose you could do the same here....
    - stability and handling are excellent on the Tmax and I have never felt a loss of traction at any time in my riding, wet or dry.
    Most motorbikes, even a CX. are stable and handle well if ridden properly too.

    You know what though ? In all seriousness though I think if you can find a good one for the money a CB400 would be ideal.