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NSW Thinking about a postie job

Discussion in 'Employment' at netrider.net.au started by smileedude, Mar 19, 2013.

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  1. So I've got a little bit to go on my PhD, but my scholarship will be running out soon and I'll need to find a job. If I can't find something directly related to my studies (I've studied marine science and am a spatial analyst, which are very difficult to find something part time in) I was hoping to find something fairly easy that would allow me to concentrate on my studies while I'm not working and the thought came about to look at AusPost as a motorcycle postie.

    From what I've heard it is good work, short days and employees are well looked after. I guess I was wanting to hear from other posties (@bretto61) about whether they would consider over qualified employees who will only be there for a maximum of a year for the remainder of my studies.

    Any other ideas for work?

    Any one looking for a marine biologist?
  2. I've considered this time n time again myself & will willingly travel or move a few hours west for a rural postie job - so i'm also keen to hear what others have to say.. I've heard countless stories both for & against the job so this thread should be interesting if we can actually get some decent input.
  3. The jobs ok. The money is bad. And Aus post sucks big ones to work for. Think about $18 to $20 an hour for casuals. And forget the 14% super they USE to pay. They make you organize your own now.
    And now you can only start at 6.00 or 7.00am. So you will be working till three or four pm.
    If you can get some casual work off a contractor.. the pays about the same but you start at 5.30am and usually done by one pm. If your fast and clever. It takes as long to sequence the mail as deliver it, or should. Sequencing can be a head game to begin and can take some time to get use to and fast at....kinda like a big iq test every morning.
    When I was studying the best returns for value and lifestyle was night packing shelves at Woolies. The time flies and the $$$ was decent.
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  4. I think I would be pretty good at the sequencing stuff. I guess that means working out the best route to get to all streets then sorting the mail appropriately? Being a spatial analyst might come in quite handy here. Are they picky or do they take anyone that can ride?
  5. I started a part time walking postie position over 2 years ago, great mindless work if you can handle the groundhog day syndrome. Part timers only do delivery, no sorting, so we dont start till 10am and generally finish around 3. Pay is just over $22/hour once off probation. Depends on your lifestyle I guess whether that is enough cash, I got a sugar momma so it does me fine:D

    My brother started part time recently and went over to full time once past probation, he is on a bike. I have noticed he is doing a lot less recreational riding now he is in the saddle all day for work.
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  6. The main thing with sequencing is to be able to just see the address, not read it. Familiarity helps a lot there. And then be able to put it in it's place without thought or looking. Your route is usually set out on your V frame ( the frame that you sequence on) so you can just follow the mail when delivering.
    I'm still on the old pigeon hole method, so I get to handle my mail twice. Sucks in one way but you don't usually make mistakes that way. On a V sort you only handle it once so you better be right. Fark people like to complain!
    The politics can get to you, so whether the job is good or not can depend on the depot you work out of and the management that run it.
    And yup as long as you can twist the wrist and make it out of the depot, they're happy.
  7. Definitely not the best company to work for.

    There are degrees of being 'looked after,' seems to come down to when you started working for them. I wouldn't go back now, with super gone etc. And definitely wouldn't want to be putting in the hours so ahmed can take another 40% bonus on his package.

    My last day was the 1st of march, uni started the monday after - I still haven't been paid my leave or received my separation of employment certificate so I can complete my centrelink app. Both of these are handled centrally, I know my immediate managers and supervisors wouldn't screw me around like this since I managed to get along with them.
  8. I been away from here for awhile.
    Got Me a Job as a postie contractor. i just ride , So as everyone else says the money is crap. On the plus side, I get to do a huge ride every day , i ride over more surfaces before breakfast then most people do all day. Also stunt the postie a bit ,not too much. Don`t want too break it, But i have my fun.Big ass ditches that swallow a postie are the best!

    The Big benefit is it`s a no stress job. Not to sure how well i would deal with any form of stress

    You need to have a good driving record to get in. and it can take awhile to get the clearance . I got fast tracked in because they needed a rider out in the sticks here.

    Also takes a bit too get good at being a postie , you don't just jump on and start hitting mailboxes.. takes skill & practice , and you must be able to read and comprehend the local phone book while riding a overloaded dirtbike over rapidly changing surfaces watching for cars ,dogs,kids & kangaroo`s in my case

    I usually have a super fun day. and home by lunch time too do things
  9. I get along really well with our management, but thier whole pay structure is based around screwing us financially.
    They say that the mail is down, crap ! I keep very accurate records and I am up 15% in A class mail alone.
    AP just increased it's parcel cost because it cant keep up with Ebay..... It's friggen hoping to lose customers ???
    Yet at my negotiation time it was the world sucks, Aus post is broke and we cant pay you what we were ???????
    It's a GOC (gov owned corp) It pays no taxes and answers to no one so it's just another cash cow for the pollies
  10. @smileedude, if you are willing to travel to Wollongong @cockrocket may be able to put you in touch with spatial modellers at UoW.
  11. I've got a few spatial contacts in Sydney I've still got to call. Been a bit slack on looking for a job. But cockrocket, if you are in the spatial modelling field I'd love to have a chat with you.
  12. Short time former postie here. Aust Post aren't the company of 20 years ago. Today, they have decent co-workers, but management stinks, bad. They're getting desperate for workers (half the town routes where I live are now pushbike because they can't get motorcyclists), but won't do what's actually need to keep staff.
    Good things: You get decent wet weather gear (if you don't mind yellow), and you get to ride on interesting terrain.
    Bad things: Bike is cramped for anybody over 5.4, bike is bad ergonomically, 3rd rate management has idea that skimping & cost cutting should be targeted at posties.

    But this is from Queensland, other areas may be different. For an insight into Aust Post, one of the main managers in Qld got his first promotion in Aust Post by losing complete bundles of mail. Seriously, how stupid is that. And he's a boss.
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