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Thinking about a change in career?

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by Justus, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. Keith Moor
    October 11, 2007 12:00am

    VICTORIA Police is infested with dozens of crooked officers who have
    links to organised crime, the state's corruption watchdog says.

    The director of the Office of Police Integrity, George Brouwer, told State
    Parliament the police were in small, isolated cells.

    However most of those syndicates had extensive, long-established
    relationships with organised crime figures, he said.

    And officers who had quit while under investigation for corruption were
    influential figures in some of those cells.

    In his annual report, Mr Brouwer said corruption had survived because of
    poor supervision by commanding officers and a code of silence.

    He said some police had acted as judge and jury, determining guilt and
    meting out punishment.

    OPI investigators found repeated instances of force used to extract
    confessions and of officers lying on oath to get convictions.

    Drug use by police was also a significant concern.

    Mr Brouwer said most police did a good and conscientious job.

    "However, this does not mean that community concerns about corruption
    within the ranks of Victoria Police, or about links between current serving
    members and organised crime were, or are, without foundation,"
    he said.


  2. It does highlight the problem that exists in Police getting close enough to people to get information, but not so close as to compromise their position. The temptation to 'cross the line' must be great when they see vast sums of money and the ease with which it is gained by illegal means.
  3. I still dont know how they do it when you hear about the stories of coppers in jail!! That would put me off from crossing the line, no matter how much cash is involved!
  4. Minister backs Nixon

    Liam Houlihan
    November 11, 2007

    POLICE Minister Bob Cameron said yesterday he was disturbed by
    the behaviour of senior members of Victoria Police.

    But he threw his support behind Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon,
    describing her as a moderniser.

    His comments follow days of explosive police integrity hearings that
    have forced the resignation of assistant commissioner Noel Ashby.

    Police media chief Steve Linnell has also been suspended over
    allegations of corruption.

    Ms Nixon has said she felt betrayed by the disloyalty of her underlings.

    Mr Cameron yesterday said the actions of a few bad eggs should not
    affect the reputation of the vast majority of clean cops.

    "Christine Nixon has been a moderniser, committed to weeding out corrup-
    tion and we support her efforts and the efforts of the Office of Police Integrity,"

    Mr Cameron said.

    "We must not let the actions of a few affect our respect for the majority of

    "While any allegations of corruption are disturbing, the fact it is being aired
    shows the system is working."

    Recordings of senior police using bad language, sniping and politicking
    which have been aired at the hearings have rocked the state.

    Ashby and Linnell are accused of leaking confidential information.

    The information made it to a policemen allegedly involved in the murder
    of "vampire" prostitute Shane Chartres-Abbott. Both men could now face
    criminal charges and possibly jail.

    Criminal defence lawyer Andrew Fraser, who was jailed on drug charges, said
    being on the other side of the law would be a rude awakening for the men.

    "They will find it a very, very uncomfortable experience," he said.

    "Talk about all your worst nightmares coming back."

    He said disgraced police were likely to fare even worse in jail than disbarred

    "At least I had a lot of ex-clients in there who weren't unhappy with me," he said.

    Police union boss Paul Mullett also has been summoned to give evidence to
    the corruption inquiry.

    Source: Herald Sun http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun

    Busted: http://www.theage.com.au/news/national/the-secret-police-tapes--day-2/2007/11/09/1194329516586.html
  5. Heads will roll here, MG.
  6. The question is, Will it just be some scape goats. or will this get to the real heart of teh matter?
  7. Pretty sure Ashby's head has already been seen rolling out
    the front door of the St Kilda Road Complex :LOL:

    Too bad we were'nt there to give it a booting further down
    the road :grin:
  8. 4 corners did a good show on this topic some time ago regarding a whisle blower

    i saw a show a little while back that considered caring about the facts cops a quiting or commiting suicide

    "it costs a lot to train them, then they leave, and we dont even know why"

    hopefully, if you do leave, that process will be in place and you can have your say

    it's a shame, a real shame.

    and you know what's worse? the good people like you are the one's who leave

    and, the good, strong, fighters are the one's who are treated as whistle blowers.

    cheers :cool:
  9. Corruption probe takes new scalps

    Keith Moor
    November 13, 2007 12:00am

    A POLICE inspector has been suspended after appearing at the corruption
    inquiry that could lead to long jail terms for former Victoria Police bosses
    Noel Ashby and Steve Linnell.

    t was also revealed yesterday that Victoria's top public servant allegedly
    offered Deputy Commissioner Simon Overland a free trip anywhere in the
    world if he dropped his application to be NSW police commissioner.

    Mr Linnell, the media director, was secretly taped telling former assistant
    commissioner Mr Ashby that Mr Overland was claiming Department of
    Premier and Cabinet boss Terry Moran wanted to keep him in Victoria.

    He said Mr Overland told him Mr Moran offered him any overseas study trip
    he wanted if he withdrew his application to replace retiring NSW Commissioner
    Ken Moroney.

    "So I've pulled out," Mr Overland allegedly told Mr Linnell.

    Insp Glenn Weir was stood down yesterday after giving evidence at the
    Office of Police Integrity hearing.

    Insp Weir was accused of helping Mr Ashby and Mr Linnell evade phone
    taps by passing on a supposedly safe number for Mr Ashby to call Mr Linnell

    Insp Weir was also bugged allegedly discussing Mr Linnell's summons to
    appear at the OPI -- an offence which carries a maximum 12-month jail
    term on conviction.

    Mr Ashby and Mr Linnell face being charged with attempting to pervert the
    course of justice, which carries a maximum 25-year jail term.

    Police Association president Brian Rix and secretary Paul Mullett are
    expected to give evidence at the hearing when it resumes tomorrow.

    In other evidence yesterday:

    MR Linnell admitted revealing to Mr Ashby that Det-Sgt Peter Lalor and
    former detective David Waters were the targets of the murder investigation
    into the execution of gigolo vampire Shane Chartres-Abbott.

    WHEN accused by the OPI of improperly disclosing sensitive information to
    Mr Ashby, Mr Linnell said he accepted he shouldn't have, but did so because
    Mr Ashby "was my mentor, he was my best friend".

    MR Linnell admitted telling Mr Ashby that Insp Brett Curran was about to
    become chief of staff to Police Minister Bob Cameron, despite being warned
    it was confidential.

    A PLOT was hatched between Mr Linnell and Mr Ashby to use an "I don't recall"
    defence as a block tactic at OPI hearings.

    MR LINNELL and Mr Ashby adopted the tactic of using telephones belonging
    to neighbours or family members so they could discuss confidential information
    without being bugged.

    Fighting back tears, Mr Linnell yesterday admitted repeatedly lying to the OPI

    His lawyer, Martin Grinberg, told the hearing Mr Linnell had resigned from the
    force and that meant the OPI no longer had the power to compel him to appear
    before it.

    He asked OPI delegate Murray Wilcox, QC, who is conducting the hearing, to
    excuse Mr Linnell.

    Mr Wilcox disagreed and ordered Mr Linnell back into the witness box.

    Within minutes Mr Linnell was expressing deep regret for telling Mr Ashby the
    names of the serving and retired officers who were targets in the Chartres-Abbott

    "It was a mistake that I made and one that I have to live with for the rest of my
    he said. "It's cost me my job and everything else."

    Source: The Australian http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,25197,22749880-12377,00.html
  10. :( why dont they have that power? surely at this stage he knows something more that he could testify to. reminds me of the drama scales of justice. pity that was 1983 and this is 2007. nothing changed?
  11. Well his lawyer was trying to justify excusing his client from proceedings
    because he was no longer a policeman, but this was rejected & his ass
    was ordered to re-appear in the witness box :grin:
  12. This is all linked back to the crime syndicates that have been exposed. Before Chrstine Nixon came into power, the crime syndicates operated, the police knew about it, but did nothing. Why?? Because they too were profiteering from the crime syndicates.

    Christine Nixon came into power and started busting open all the criminal gangs. It was only a matter of time before crooked cops were found out and weeded out of the police force.
  13. Stump, genuine question, who's this post directed to?

    There have been calls for Nixon's sacking or resignation. I think Cambo has hit the nail on the head. Nixon seems to have been the catalyst for this problem becoming exposed - until she's shown to be in cahoots with the wrong side of the game, she deserves to be respected and applauded.
  14. cambo wrote

    is that the woman who was found dead in a flat somewhere? [sorry for sketchie details]

    rob victoria police but it goes for autralian police in general. the show was particular was more about cops commiting suicide than corruption but still, it's good to see that parliament are starting to care, even if it is more to do with the fact maney is wasted on their training than the fact cops are out there killing themselves at a high rate.

    MG, is a good person as far as i can tell. he wrote the OP, he seems to give a shit as far as i can tell.

    cheers :cool:
  15. Q:
    :? @ Stump. It's in black and white.

    I asked my question about who you were directing your post to, because you seemed to be addressing one of the posters in this thread. :? I was curious. i see you weren't. Ok. // You express a fair sentiment about the wider police force.
  16. thanks rob but that doesnt answer my question. i guess you're not sure if the woman is dead or if twas the woman who was found dead in the unit some time ago

    and when i said something like "good people like you" i was talking about MG

    cheers :cool:
  17. MG's not a cop - which makes the post I questioned even more confusing?? No matter. He is a good bloke though.

    You're logic circuits are clearly confused since one of the important players about this whole thread topic is Commissioner Christine Nixon, who is very much alive, whom Cambo wrote about, and whom you questioned was alive. :? Your question is answered then.

    You're welcome.
  18. thanks rob, im not familar with who nixon is at all and couldnt figure it out by the previous posts.

    in regards to the other issue, here's an ie;

    'did you know that if you ever have a problem in a hospital you can call the director of nursing for help?'

    now rob, that ^ doesnt mean im suggestion you're a patient in a hospital, it's just the way people talk.

    having said that, i did jump to the conclusion MG was a cop. i dont know him personally and all i knew was he had been a gladiator in his time. the reason i suspected as much was because of the title of this thread

    thinking about a change in career?

    which can be read 2 ways. the question mark could be a symbol of his own confusion, as netriders have done in the past when considering a change in career.

    plus he could be asking a person who has that career.

    so what does MG do? [he's not a cop killer is he? :wink: ]

    cheers :cool:
  19. MG! a cop?? :rofl:

    he is a professional nazi-white-supremacist ;) :LOL:
  20. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: