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Think you're safe in the bus lane? Think again!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Riderman, Sep 14, 2010.

  1. On the way to work, traffic as usual, except the bus lane.

    As usual I am cruising past stopped traffic at the speed limit (80), down hill, in the bus lane, and all of a sudden, as I pass a white van, it decides to come onto the bus lane!

    I swerve to the left most, almost on the gutter and at the same time increase speed to get out of his way but he see's me as I come pass his passenger window and he merges back. This all happened in 1 second.

    As I go pass him, I didn't know how to express my disappointment, I just shook my head. Any suggestions on how to express disappointment? How do you do it? I waited for him at the lights so I could remind him to check his blind spots but he was too far back.

    Anyway, I think riding in the left tyre track of the bus lane really saved me. If I were riding in the right tyre track, no reaction time would have saved me as he merged while I was next to him, exactly where his blindspot would of been.
  2. I would like to hear experienced riders thoughts on this as I have thought that bus lanes are dangerous for this exact reason.
  3. 1. When there is stopped traffic in the lane next to you, I can almost assure you, someone will ALWAYS pull out.
    2. ALWAYS slow down - just because the speed limit is 80, doesn't mean you need to go it. Generally, I go about 60 k's or less when there's a really long line of stopped traffic. That's saved my arse MANY times.
    3. If you ride in the right tyre track, they can generally see you more clearly in their mirrors, or in the middle part of the lane.
    4. Every road and lane is dangerous, no matter what. Never let your guard down.

    Expressing disappointment? I'd be expressing rage and hatred...

    Beeping the horn, flipping them the bird, putting my hand up quickly like a "WTF were you F*ucking thinking!?" gesture...
  4. I always have the front brake primed but not engaged, finger on the horn, as I move past stopped traffic. Dickheads will be dickheads even if they see you.

    And dickheads tend to drive vans, utes, and be middle aged women in 4WD's being paid off on a loan.
  5. What if they do not look in the mirror at all?
  6. then you get to learn how to fly :)
  7. Yeah, the example in this thread is a good one. I'm not giving advice out to anyone, riding in the middle or lane furthest away from the vehicle works for me. That way, I don't rely on them as much, and have a chance to react without being almost instantly taken out. Others will disagree, that's no problem.
  8. Wise words from someone so young with scratched boobies.
  9. Ease up Smee.
  10. edited: can't interpret stuff online easily
  11. I may be mistaken but I dont think smee was having a go at you LC, quite the opposite actually...but i think it could have been interpreted either way.
  12. each to their own, but i won't ride in the bus lane ever.
    too dangerous for me
    and i'm a ****en crazy mofo.
  13. it's not the cars merging into the bus lane without looking that bother me.
    i'm pretty awesome so i can avoid and evade them.
    it's the ones crossing the road from the other side... you often can't see whats happening there because there may be two/three/four lanes of traffic heading the same way as you on your right hand side, including lots of big smelly trucks and 4wd's .
    and when the trafic is slow and stop start, people will leave them a gap sometimes and wave them through, obviously without looking for you in their mirrors.
    most cagers would'nt know what a mirror was if you rammed one up their ass.
    the car crossing the road can't see you, can't see what's in the bus lane.

    i mean theres parts of inner city areas where you have to use the bus lane or you ain't going nowhere... fortunately for me i don't have to commute those areas often... if i do i"ll do it way slow and preferably try and get behind a scooter which i can use as a decoy vehicle... like if he makes it through, then it's safe for me.. if the scooter comes to an abrubt halt and he sails of into the air...
    anyway you get my point, bus lanes are for roadkill, like scooters and cyclists.
  14. That's the way I read it too. The wise words was sincere, with a little light hearted crack at the end of it :p. You're road rash is becoming quite infamous around these parts LC lol.

    On topic, I'm a big fan of the headshake. I think it's in the same vain as when your parents used to save that pearler for when you really knew you where in trouble "I'm not angry, I'm just disappointed"

    Rage escalates and takes too much effort, just shake your head and show them you're too big of a person to be angry, you're just disappointed.
  15. You've summed it up for me. Riding in bus lanes is an excellent time-saver and relatively low on the stress factor, when the alternative is being stuck in traffic that's going nowhere soon.

    It's imperative to be vigilant for surprise traffic pulling into the bus lane. Add to that pedestrians jumping in, and stopped buses and parked vehicles [in timed parking areas] looming up. Cruise at a speed you're confident of performing instantaneous stops at, and set up both brakes. Also scan mirrors for ragers racing towards you.

    That said ...

    I try to defuse any explosion of anger on the road, simply because it results in a lapse of concentration. Do I always succeed? Of course not! There are times when it's healthier to let it all out and clear one's head. For the most part, however, I aim to keep cool as ice as I stay focussed, watching out for the next moron.

    As for the horn, I 'proactively' use it when I spot someone about to unsafely switch lanes and in front of me. Usually wakes them up and they pull back into line.

    Very sensible advice, lowercase.
  16. Yep I don't consider bus lanes a safe zone, just a convenience.

    Other road users need to get in and out of them and they are allowed to do that. Any lane with this much flux and that much speed differential is more dangerous.

    I also consider the ignorant people. people that are unaware that bikes can legally use the bus lane and want to take matters into their own hands.
  17. +1 the scratched boobies reference was lost on me but the rest definitely read as a compliment.
  18. I was mostly joking about the anger, etc.

    But, he wanted to know how to express "disappointment", and that's what I do. Get heavy on the horn, flip the bird, or put my left hand up quickly in an WTF-you-doing manner.
  19. why?
    She was correct in her summation of the events, and she has scratched boobies.
    Maybe you should ease up, I don't sit there and partake in whatever games you lot play behind doors or follow every thread in existence.
  20. Definitely not having a go at her in fact agreeing with her 100 %