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Think you're good in the wet?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by campag, Dec 2, 2008.

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  2. :shock:
    Impressive control !
  3. Farkin!
  4. :eek: :eek:
    AMAZING !! :grin:
  5. Gotta respect that. I counted three back end step outs with three separate recoveries... on one corner! :eek:
  6. He's good, isn't he.
  7. That was awesome. They're really exploring the edge of grip there - and they make it look effortless. Nice.
  8. Love the commentators...

    'Imposiiiiible' and 'Fantastico! Fantastico' :grin:

    :shock: quite the rider....
  9. I poohed my pants just watching it :shock:
  10. Wild. These lads earn their paychecks.
  11. I'd take the risk if someone else was paying for my bike too. :grin:
  12. He gets paid to race, not to crash. Don't be so silly.
  13. It wasn't that good really. Give me a couple of hours and I could match that
  14. I have a man crush. That was unfarkingbelievable riding... i'd be in the corner rocking back and forth after a ride 1/10 as slippery...
  15. Loved the backing it in :cool:
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  17. I remember watching one A Gobert riding the ZX7 like that at the same circuit in the dry back in '96 SBK.

  18. WOW

    corner after corner, that is bike control....

    I've only had the back step out once in the wet on the r1, was a cool feeling AFTER i came away from it and had the bike in a straight line again thinking "Gee that would have looked cool"

    was rounding a corner in melbourne and just got on it a little early on a painted line and the back stepped out, backed off a little straighted up and off I went :)
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    Come watch some supermoto racing and it happens every corner in the dry!

    23 seconds in!


    A local Victorian racing last weekend at the Aus Champs in W.A.!
    7th overall for the series!