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Think twice before using that hotel coffee cup!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pro-pilot, Dec 16, 2007.

  1. no surprise here.
    i sleep in motels for around 90ish nights a year. i dont use the room mugs/glasses/plates. i have seen them used for any number of things, so i just cant come at it.
  2. :-k :-k :shock:
  3. Yeah well if you're going to worry about things like that I hope you never eat in any restaurants, sit on any surfaces or in fact ever leave your isolation bubble, cause you just never know, do you? As it is, our obsession with cleanliness is already making our immune systems weaker, according to some findings.

    On a vaguely related topic, this reminds me of this study where they went around offices trying to determine which objects were the dirtiest, and which ones were the safest, in terms of amount of bacteria that was living on them. They found the most dangerous objects were the handsets of the phones on employee's desks, positively seething with bacteria. The cleanest objects were the toilet seats.
  4. Due self-incrimination, we can't post the photos of what we used the
    furniture at Cann River Hotel last year for :LOL:
  5. on the bright side... if the chairs smell like the little man in the boat, you know what they were used for.
  6. Whatever you did, it could only have improved them :roll:
  7. [​IMG]