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Think of getting a cruiser

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by lucifer_mr2, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. Like the title says, I'm thinking of getting a cruiser. Current bike is a GS500, serving me well at the moment. I've found that riding a bit slower and enjoying the ride is more fun. Asking for some opinions and suggestions.

    Haven't looked at too many bikes yet, but starting to get an idea of what I want it to have. I like spoked wheels and mid set pegs. Two of the bike that have me interested at the moment are the Honda VT750S and Harley Sportsters. Anything else I shoud look at?

    i know the Sportsters come with the brackets alreay fitted to the frame, so you can swap between mid and forward pegs, I think you just need the kit. Is it the same for some of the other cruisers?
  2. Take a look at Suzuki Boulevards and Kawasaki Vulcans as well.
    Also, maybe look at getting an old Virago, they have a certain charm to them.
  3. Looked at the Suzukis and the Kawasaki's, didn't like them much. The VN900 Custom looks good, but didn't quite do it for me.
  4. Mid set pegs.....HD street Rod

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  5. M109 is the nuts.

    Double the power of the Harley, and it goes round corners too.

    Good reliable tourer too, I did 7500 klm in a week, MLB to cairns and back, and still walked properly. Try that on a sports bike.
  6. m109r or nightrod is my next bike
  7. Ridden with a few M109R's, very nice bikes. Haven't ridden with any V-Rods, but did have a bit of a look at one at the Kawasaki dealship.

    Not really after something with a lot of power, power on the GS hasn't been a problem for me.
  8. If you're not after power, I'd go with the HD Iron 48! Looks Sh!t hot!!!
  9. Why buy an imitation? For the Honda badge?
  10. There's about $7K between them, though...
  11. bikes of choice for butch chicks with short spiky hair.

    have you considered buying a mans bike ?
  12. Nope.
  13. Have a look at the Suzuki M50 if you're not chasing power, it's got better handling than most cruisers (as do all of the M range), good brakes and sells for similar $ to the Honda. Looks are a personal thing but I reckon that the M109, M90 and M50 are better looking than the generic Harley copy cruisers.
  14. :rofl:
  15. While not strictly cruisers, have you looked at the W800 or the Triumph Bonneville range.
  16. He doesn't need to compensate.
  17. Not really liking the look of the W800, but do love the look of the bevel drive on them. Not really feeling the Bonneville range too much, but do like the Thunderbirds.

    Going to check out the Honda, Suzuki's and Harley's tomorrow. See how I like them. Looking at the prices of the Harley's, if I buy second hand between stamp duty, changing plates (ACT don't have many bikes for sale) and other messing around, new will probably the best. Same goes for the other brands, not much savings to be had with second hand.
  18. Well, the looking at bikes went well. The Triumph America is a nice looking bike, didn't do much more than look at one though. Didn't get any service at the Japanese dealers, but looking at the VT750S made me change my mind about it.

    Got very good service at the Harley deslership though. Showed me the different bikes, gave me the prices for them, showed me the colour options for them all. Then test rode two of them. He did give the "badass" image a bit of a go when speaking to him, but it was just part of what I was expecting.

    The XL883L was a comfortable bike in a straight line, but there where a few problems with it. First up was the pegs. Coming from a GS500, I like the idea of midset pegs. But they just don't work properly on a Harley. Caught my jeans on them a few times, really had to think where I was putting my feet. Next was the cornering. First time I've ever put pegs down. Wasn't even going fast in the corner. I guess thats why they call them Super Low.

    The other bike was the XL1200X (48). Didn't think I would like the feet forward riding possition, but it works with the bike. The bike had a lot of vibrations just idling, but smoothed out when ridden. The bike was louder than I expected, but turns out the pipes might of been gutted. Power was nice too. Only part of the bike with it's own colour is the tank, so if I don't like the colour it's only $600 or so to change it to whatever I want. A bit over $18,000 on road and have to wait for the end of the year for it to be delivered. $500 will have my name on one in the shipment that comes in a bit before Christmas.
  19. Also, when I got back from a test ride the saleman was busy with another customer. Good thing they had their own cafe in the showroom. So just grabbed a coffee and gave the bikes more of a look over.
  20. What about Moto Guzzi's?