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Think my bike was built on a Friday

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Muppet, Mar 17, 2015.

  1. So im starting to think my MY2015 Ninja 650 was built on a friday... Only just hit the 5000K mark.

    late last week i noticed a bad coolant leak coming from around the thermostat housing. No Worries that is what warranty is for...

    Well this morning riding to work as im pulling into the turning lane for the last 1.5k leg of my commute to work my throttle cable snaps, Well so i think anyway.

    So after pulling off the road while i still had the speed i stopped and inspected the throttle and yup... she is stuffed. if i had to guess where where cable attaches to the throttle tube thingy (super technical talk) has broken off.

    So after a smoke and a few bad words later i decided to push the bike the last 1.5k to work, But then i realised im lazy and wont be doing that lol. So i pop into first and up idle to cruise down the service lanes of hume highway/Sydney road at the super insane hoon speed of 16km/h until im at work.

    So lucky for me my boss happened to have a trailer at work and took it to evolution motorcycles in epping for me. But they cant look at the bike until wednesday 25th :/
    So its just sitting there and im already having withdrawals.

    So my question does anyone know of any other common faults i can expect with the Ninjas? Is my rear wheel gunna be like stuff this i go faster and fly off the bike? is the engine going to try and make love to a valve?

    As its a new bike so not a lot of info on common faults on the MY2015
  2. WTfcuk?
    they cant even look at it until the 25th?
    must be one hellova ugly bike
    if its just a cable and they cant fix that straight away id be asking a few questions dude
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  3. yeah i kind of agree with that. was to busy at work today to give a single ****. So thursday might actually pop in after work and talk to em.

    and ugly no chance lol. they had not even seen it when i called em! i think that just cracked it a little when the word warranty came out of my mouth
  4. I'm surprised to hear this - the Kwaka Ninja/ER6 are not a fancy bike, they are built to a price, but they very rarely go wrong.

    The motor on these can be worked to put out some serious HP and torque (relative) - in stock form they get around near tick-over.

    I wouldn't imagine you should experience anything catastrophic. Although, there is always room to be the first...

    Good luck with the repairs.
  5. was just a little worried as all. when it had the 1000k service mechanic said there was a few loose bolts and shift lever was on wrong. he sorted bolts and did nothing with shift lever. i looked at it and cant see an issue... its a lever on a spline... looks fine to me lol. But saying that i have little faith in this mechanics ability...
  6. Here is the tell tale of a useless spanner in whom you are right to have no faith...Found something that was incorrectly fitted, and did nothing. Hopefully he never finds any critical parts that have been put "on wrong"......
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  7. As a former LV mechanic i could not agree more. Hence why bike is never going back there. Plus im no bike mechanic but couldnt find anything wrong with shift lever...
  8. I'm guessing he looked at the "upside down" pinch bolt and assumed it was in the wrong way - I did then I noticed the shift lever on a work mates ER6F was loose.

    Go over the bike and check everything yourself when you get it back, seems to be getting harder to find a decent shop/mechanic.
  9. was at dealer today to questioning the 1 week turn around... Might have it back tomorrow :) he said nothing was wrong with shift lever.

    But ya right it it becoming VERY hard to find a good mechanic these days...
  10. A 1 year old cable breaking after 5000 klms is ridiculous these days IMHO. Hope u get it all sorted mate.
  11. Very sorry to hear about the bike mate...

    I have never taken my bike to a dealer as such nor a large shop - I go to a smallish custom chopper shop in Melbourne yes they do all bikes and didn't even laugh when I bought my 250 in :)

    I looked at a few beforehand but these guys just seemed passionate about bikes and all things motors but I think it is the size that counts here and not in the usual manner :)
  12. George @ Python Choppers?
  13. Loose bolts and an un-lubed cable suggests they were slack when they did the delivery service.

    It's not unusual to find a few things at the first service, as that's what it's for, but we are starting to see a picture here.

    The cable failure itself is not indicative of a bad bike, however and the thermostat housing may just be bad luck. I wouldn't worry about having a lemon just yet, but I would consider going elswhere for my service.

    If it did just have a broken cable, then they should have looked at it on the spot. Are you sure that waite isn't just to get the cable in?
  14. Sorry to hear it, don't type your entire post in bold text thanks
  15. I would have thought that these days most cables were teflon lined and didn't need lubing and that the cable failure was possibly due to it being routed wrongly (which could have happened when the bike was assembled).

  16. No affiliation at all, but used to belong to a Kawasaki forum and they had nothing but praise for this guy. http://www.ghostridersmotorcycles.com.au/
  17. I hate it my self. but a small section auto bold'd it self and couldnt un bold. so went stuff it all bold lol.

    Na was not looked at on the sport and that week turn around was just to get it looked at. called them today and was not looked at yet. will call again tomorrow. Because i gave my car to my sister who just got her Ps, Im almost at the point of taking public transport and i forgot how much peak hour traffic sucks in a car :/

    Same here. HATE large dealers. overpriced crappy work... i know cos iv done subby work for a few holden dealers in my time lol. But a good small time dealer cant do warranty work.

    If the cable has not broken and maybe just slipped out of the cradle in the throttle i could have had it fixed my self that day. but its under warranty so im not touching shit.

    yeah iv seen some great feedback about them my self. but a little far away. have seen some good reviews of High Octane in thomastown so will be going there for 6k service as i work in campbellfield.

    Im not calling the bike a lemon yet. Love the bike and it rides like a dream. couldnt be happier. I can understand a loose bolt or two and s small coolant leak. but you must admit you start to get shitty when critical parts start to fail after 5000ks
  18. mate if they cant even look at it get in touch with the brands principle an scream blue fcuking murder
  19. yeah think ill be doing that tomorrow arvo if i dont have it back. if it was just the coolant leak i would not be as stressed. but the fact its not running at all should having them looking at it on the sport.
  20. Haven't heard anything bad about the 650s myself. Very rare for a Japanese built bike to have a cable break so early if it's not the throttle tube having broken instead.

    Kawasaki parts are usually about a 2 day turn around if they'rer in stock in Sydney.
    Hope you get it back soon.