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Think I need a bit of advice.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Double_Barrel, Nov 23, 2009.

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  1. Hi all. This is my first post on here. I was told that I could get some proper advice on here (compared to some other forums).

    Well, I went and did something a bit silly. 3am on the eastern distributor (Melbourne) the other morning, fairly quiet with little traffic, ZX10. Sounds nice hey. So I did what a lot of others have done before too. I hammered it as hard as I could.

    Got up to around 230 or 240 when I seen some flashing lights in the mirror. Oh crap!!!

    I thought about doing a runner, but pulled over instead.

    I've now got a date with the court in a few weeks and don't know what to expect. I don't have a criminal record (yet).

    Anyone got any advice?


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  2. At least you didn't make the front page of the papers, that's a positive.
    Better get a lawyer, son. Better get a reeeal good one.

    Once you've had some proper advice, I would seriously consider selling the bike. It'll look a bit better, and you may not be needing it for a while.
  3. Apart from "Don't do it again", no ... :(
  4. Wow, they must have been hammering to catch you - what are you doing watching your mirrors at 240 anyway?
  5. Buy some KY, lots of it.
  6. :rofl: have a few practice runs with your fingers..

    Haven't got any " proper advice" for you im afraid...Only to say i think you're a TOOL you could have killed someone ](*,) Mess with your own life at will ( on race days at tracks etc) but don't gamble with other road users lives that is so NOT cool![-(
  7. Three words - get a lawyer... You'll still be stuffed but not as much as if you don't.
  8. some advice: cop it sweet.
  9. Agree!!!!!!
  10. yeah thanks "mischiefmaka"........the rider is very aware of all that and has come on here to get some advice. so how about a cup of shut the ---k up to go with your very helpful post? clearly you aren't adding anything here...just stating the bleeding obvious...

    to the OP i would say seek legal advice, you will need representation on the day in question, it will certainly help. in some of the motorcycle mags there are solicitors advertising or if you know someone you feel confident about then utilise them. i am sure you can look up the potential penalties on the Vic roads authority website straight away...
  11. Sorry Dad...
    got the same cup of shut the F*** up for Phizog too or am i just special?
  12. to be quite honest, why hasn't anyone grilled him for not saying "Hello" in the right spot before asking for advice...
  13. Should of been riding a Yamaha is my advice :)

    and be good to your mother
  14. Goz...I quote Evil
    haha i think u need a cup of shut the F*** up too
  15. Why did I see them in my mirror while going at those speeds? Sheer chance.

    I think not having a license isn't going to help in court either.
  16. I'll do an introduction post later tonight. Sorry about that.
  17. Probably because instead of just providing comic value, you were just getting on your high horse about speeding on a freeway in the middle of the night. And because I'm awesome.:butt:
  18. double barrel, no licence? anything else you haven't informed us of? please dont say unregistered and uninsured....

    i would have thought no licence, that speed, they would have towed the bike ( yours? ) and taken you down to the station.....

    and mischief, there are plenty of "dads" on this board already but welcome, we need some more .....apologies for being harsh but this guy is some serious sh*t......just trying to help the him out.....
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