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Think I missed an hour somwhere.

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Ljiljan, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. It is now 3am.
    Remember to change your clocks, fellas.

    Haha, NR clock is whacked. It went back an hour.
  2. Lucky you mentioned it, I just noticed Telstra have automatically moved my phone clock forward. Surely it's not that hard to not push the update on to Queenslanders. Grrr. Glad I notice before tomorrow when the alarm for work would have gone off.
  3. I'm impressed that the digital radio reset itself automatically.

    Unlike the microwave, the wristwatches, the bike clock, the car clocks, etc etc ;)
  4. What a great night to do Night Shift.

    +1 Heli re: Auto Reset.
    Now to find the instructions for my Analogue/Digital Watch so I can reset the Analogue half.
    Oh well, I guess I've got an hour to do it hey?
  5. And I wonder how many will turn up for this morning's ride an hour late, thinking that they've missed something, somewhere, somehow......
  6. Night shift on day light savings...always good to get a free hour in :D.

    I set all my clocks an hour forward before I went to bed. Not knowing my phone would set itself an hour forward come 2AM, I decided to set it an hour forward manually. Set my alarm on it as per normal to get up for work only to find out that my phone does indeed move the time with accordance to daylight savings. I ended up waking up an hour earlier then I should have and thus lost 2 hours in total of sleep...grrr.
  7. What is this clock changing thing you speak of?
  8. Heli,
    I think I set at least 5 separate alarms (just to be sure !) last night just before bed, all clocks wound 1hr forward.
    Would have been extremely embarrassing, if not 'career-limiting' to have slept in for this morning's departure to Hong Kong (from where I type this message) !
    Best thing I recently noticed though was the auto-adjustment of my MacBook Pro - one less thing to have to fiddle with :)
  9. A strange masochistic ritual that some areas of the world subject themselves to.

    Unfortunately, I live in one of them :(. At least I don't live in WA, where one has to keep track of whether there isn't or is going to be daylight savings :p.
  10. Nickers,

    My Macs just worked, too :)

    However, the ride leader didn't change his clocks, nor a significant number of others, so we were a Bit Late getting away this morning. But what a beaut day for a Ride, hmmmm :D
  11. Not having checked the weather for Melbourne tomorrow (arrive Tuesday early am), I can only imagine the nice weather being present during my absence !
    Then again, it's all looking up from hereon ;)
    Hope you guys managed to get a decent ride in Heli, despite the slight error in some clocks..hehe.
  12. Apparently iPhones didn't change automatically over the weekend.

    A caller to 3AW this morning mentioned that each morning a "distinctive" sounding motorcycle rides past his place each morning at 7am but went past at 5am this morning so sounds like someone wound their clock back rather than forward yesterday :rofl:
  13. Ummm.... Mine did (3gs), and so did my wife's (3g).

    What was interesting was trying to put in an alarm for 2am yesterday. The phone would not accept an alarm between 2am and 3am - it kept going to a 3:?? alarm time. I guessed it was something to do with the daylight savings changeover.