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Think I may have used up some luck...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by middo, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. Friday afternoon we left work early, I took the wife on the back of the bike, and we blasted down to Perth for a 6:15 presentation. Since time was always going to be an issue for us, a little "spirited" riding would be necessary to make the 450 kms in time. We were incident free, until we left Jurien Bay.

    Just as we passed the police station, a police landcruiser pulled out behind me. Damn. Restricted to 110, I rode carefully. We passed through the turn offs to Eneabba, and then Cervantes, and still it stayed behind. 20 kms became 40, and time ticked on. The landcruiser followed a short distance behind me, also sitting on the limit.

    Then, about 50kms from Jurien Bay, we say flashing lights ahead. A police commodore had pulled someone over for something. As we passed it, the landcruiser also pulled off. We had fun speculating... Drugs? Something else?

    Two minutes later a police hilux coming the other way passed us as well, obviously heading for the same spot.

    Well, there are not many police vehicles in the mid-west of WA, so I decided to increase my speed a little. Chances of meeting another was almost zero. So we upped it to $1.30 and started overtaking the slower vehicles. A few minutes later I noticed that a car behind me was doing the same. He slowly, slowly gained in us. No big deal, he probably thought the same as me.

    When he got about 300 metres behind me, I noticed he had flashing red and blue lights on top. Damn. I slowed, and indicated left.

    He indicated right, and overtook me and kept going at high speed.

    I think I will keep it to 110km/h for a while.

    * Names, dates, locations and actual speeds and costs may have been altered to ensure the anonymity of all concerned.
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  2. You didn't take the opportunity to pull back in behind and use it as an escort?
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  3. Well, sounds like your "pay it forward" finally paid it back (y) Did you make it on time?
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  4. Sorry, I call shenanigans. It is not possible to exceed the speed limit in Australia without combusting in a ball of flame. This whole thread is an obvious troll.


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  5. Did you nod at the passing police vehicle?
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  6. I waited for it to get over the next hill, and then resumed at $1.30. I saw it regularly for the next 20 mins, going over the hill ahead of me, about 2 kms ahead.
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  7. Yes, my daughter was happy to see us at her presentation. :happy:
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  8. There may have been a few dead kittens along the way....
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  9. Missed the opportunity. Was too surprised to tell the truth.
  10. Riding home tonight at 110, I passed Mr Plod going the other way. Good choice to watch my speed.
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  11. They must be following your posts on netrider! :watching: Sneaky buggers :v
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  12. Where were the exploding kittens?

    I once had one near Canberra pull up next to me some 20(nearly 30) years ago in my car and tell me the speed limit was 100, not 130. said thanks and eased off, whilst he kept going.

    And middomiddo That's what I do, let them get a distance ahead and try and maintain it. :D
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  13. SHWP police vehicles have that front and rear long range speed detection these days...
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  14. nah, not the valiant and reliant members of the HWP(I honestly try and let them be well away from me.) other motorists, who have more money to pay fines than me :)
  15. Sometimes you can get lucky. Sometimes not. I am reminded of a time, not long ago, when I was riding along and dealing with a zip that had come undone, looked up the road to see the hardware atop an oncoming vehicle and looked down at 132 ! OOPS. I stopped to do up the zip, then proceeded at a more prudent speed. I fully expected the car to do a turn and come back for a chat. Sometimes they have other things on their plate, and just have to keep going.

    The range of radar is surprising. It is possible to "see" vehicles travelling well up the road when they are too far away to see with your eyes. One night at a road prang (I attend to a few of these) I happened to walk past the HP car parked at the scene, saw the radar displaying numbers. I asked. "yeah that would be traffic up the road, too far away to make out the tail-lights. If it's in the line of sight, it'll be visible to the radar, even if you can't see it. That one might be 5-7 km away"

    Yeah well, so much for waiting until you are a kay or two further up the road to turn on the juice again, once you've passed. They WILL make an effort if you are doing hyper-speeds. Radio signals get up the road a whole lot faster than you can and it's not that hard to organise an intercept of someone who is going hard out on the road. In that case, it is worth the effort. Beats the crap out of pinging people for 105 in a 100 and is far more effective at reducing the road toll.
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  16. Plus, nowdays it's gets the officer on the NSW Police FB page so their groupies can congratulate them on saving a life.
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