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Think I found the love of my life

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by kyro_02, Nov 14, 2009.

  1. Well, not really... but I think I rose when I seen a bike I didn't reconize before, turns out its a goldwing... and even if they are up to 20+ years old, its almost like a car, with its boot, sterop, air vents, arm rests, bulky-ness


    What are your opinions?? I am thinking about getting a $8-10k loan to get one of these bad boys

    my preferences:

    Lots of leg room
    big bike(as I feel tall on anything else it seems)
    plenty of power
    and cruisy


  2. THE touring bike of choice in the US since the day the first model was released, it's just got bigger and better. Huge watercooled engine, ever reverse gear....

    There's a mad vid around somewhere of some lunatics racing Gold Wings down Dragon's Tail in the U.S. ....
  3. Each to their own, if it appeals you then go for it. For touring long distances 1 or 2 up it would be very comfortable and reliable. :)
  4. If I wanted one, and I DO, it would the original 1975 model. Rode one when it was new and loved it.
  5. I might just do the sacrilegious and say I'd rather have a car.
  6. I'd rather have almost any bike than a car...
  7. Did the earlier ones have any issues ? I know the later ones hold their value well.

    For touring around Oz it would be great. And your pillion certainly won't be complaining about lack of comfort.
  8. The early ones were 4 cylinder boxer engined nakeds. No fairings - nice!
  9. Yes there is one in my street in great condition, it actually looks like a big litre bike rather than what we think of these days as a GW.
  10. The right bike to get is the one you fall in love with, and so I think you've already found it!
  11. This forum needs a car subsection for posting bikes like this one. :p

    If I was after a cruiser for touring, I'd be looking far more at say the Triumph Rocket III.
    But if touring is your aim beyond all consideration of looks, one of these is probably the pinnacle of current tech.
  12. He's also talking about a loan for $8-10k, so around 700cc of the Rocket...

    Bolt wheels and a Corolla engine to your couch?
  13. Should ride one before knocking them.
    Seriously good ride.

    They are much better than first impressions.

    Too wide for lane splitting, but very easy to clock up big miles, and they go round corners.
  14. I'm riding a whopping big touring bike this week (Victory Vision) with everything from massive panniers to electric adjustable screen, 4-speaker iPod-ready stereo, seat warmers and cruise control. 400+kg. Direct Goldwing competitor.

    They do what they're designed for exceptionally well - and that's munching miles in supreme comfort. They're better than they should be in the twisties, but still not great. And around town they can be very hard work. They're not all-rounders, they're built for a job. If that suits your plans, then there's very little else that can do that job so well.
  15. Lucky Loz.

    You're right about designed to do a job. All bikes are a compromise somewhere, to be good at one thing means to have less capability in another.

    That's why everyone should have at least three bikes. Or, at least that's what I am trying to convince my wife is true.

    So Loz how is the suspension on the Vision, how well does it cope with poorer condition country roads?
  16. It's true! True I tell ya! (y)

    To the matter at hand. If the Honda Muthaship does it for you go with it, I know I did when I made my choice. There's many voices that have pointed out the short comings of the Goldwing but they're only that if you're after, in this instance, an inner city commuter bike. Alternatively get two bikes lol
  17. Yes, three bikes would be ideal - commuter, tourer and scratcher. I realise, however, that my scratching days are over, so for me something that is a doddle to commute on, will tour solo (missus has her own bike), plus is engaging to ride through the twisty stuff (ie a bit of work, but fun at the speed limit rather than being boring unless you're doing 130+) - is why I went for the M50 Boulevard.

    IMHO, etc etc...
  18. I spoke to a whole bunch of cruiser riders recently and they said it was the one to get over the beamer as its lighter and carries its weight lower. not to mention cheaper.
  19. I saw a Goldwing Trike on a pommy show and it has got me thinking. Go for it mate, if you love it, it will love you.
  20. Kicking back (or trying to, on my bent-over Hornet) tonight heading north from Bendigo, I was fantasising about one of these. Man, I say go for it (just make sure you're not getting yourself into a mechanical money pit in any particular case - for which reason I'm a bit over old bikes at the moment).