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Think I bought the wrong helmet

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by HeavyNinja, Mar 20, 2016.

  1. So guys I was trying on shark helmets, I tried a large but it hurt my neck it was so tight to get on and off, so went XL. However now after a few hrs of wearing the XL, it feels too big. The L was squeezing my temples so hard it hurt and I twinged my neck putting it on, so thought it was too small. My head measures 59cm so technically should be in a large. Will it be ok, or should I head out and buy a new helmet?

  2. spuddy, if it's loose and/or wobbly then it's too big. maybe the store will do an exchange if you ask nicely. the inner shell can soften somewhat. maybe a different brand will have a better match to your head shape. see if anyone at the store can assist you with sizing advice.
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  3. It sounds more like this brand doesn't suit your head shape. I had the same issue with the BMW System 6. M too small (should've fit), L eventually too big. Came to the conclusion that I have a Shoei shaped head, but I'd been so enamoured of the System 6, I didn't consider the possibility that it might not suit me when I bought it.
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  4. yeah i went through the same thing, I wanted a certain helmet and it was hard to accept it just didnt fit my head properly. just go to a big shop and try on all the helmets till you find the best fit
  5. Just went for a ride and an exp rider checked it and said fine.
  6. I did same thing - bought an L because M seemed hard to get on and off. After a while the L became quite loose as the padding became worn in and the helmet would move around due to wind etc.... Went back to a different store to get another opinion and try on some M's again and found, yes my head is an M. New M helmet fits much better but can hurt my big ears getting it on off all the time - need tape them back or something.

    If the expert rider is same one teaching you rear brake over front, maybe you should get a second opinion on helmet also.
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  7. Therer may be an option with the Shark of swapping out the cheek pads for a larger size. I bought a Shoei Neotec (after trying one on in-store) on line to get one that no one else had had on their noggin; & it was rediculously tight in the cheek area. Luckily I was able to buy from the same source, smaller cheekpads. They were $50 bucks but did solve the problem.
  8. Nah the expert rider is just family who has ridden incident free pretty much 20yrs.
  9. sounds like they have 0 experience in the use of helmets then :D