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Think before attempting to lane split!!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Fuzz, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. I was driving my tow truck along springvale road this evening, I had whats left of a Honda Integra type r on the deck, left front wheel virtualy ripped off and just slightly hanging over the edge of the tray, anway, point is, I was taking up the full width of my lane. The next thing I see is some twit on a yellow motorbike of some description, about 20 meters behind me, weaving though traffic, traveling at speed, then he decideds to lane split up the side of my truck. I was not happy, not to mention such behavior is inherantly dangerous, so please, be paitient in peak traffic.

  2. You obviously did not taking up all of your lane
    As you said the bike got past so I don’t see your problem here
  3. So what exactly is the problem here?
    he got past because there was room.
    Just because you couldn't split past doesn't mean he on a bike shouldn't either.
  4. Its gotta be tough sittin in a truck all day but do you lane split when you ride? He would have been watching you very carefully or at least been well aware of you, I know its difficult, but being in a truck I would let him worry about you and not you worry about him.

    Hey appreciate the thought thou mate, "be patient" is always good advice :)
  5. maybe he pulled into his braking distance?

    pretty sure a bike can pull up a lot quicker than a tow truck!

    maybe it's a morale of, re-consider if splitting a truck, and be fair and reasonable if moving in front of them
  6. And what part of thin air did you pull that one out of? I did not see anything in the original post about the bike pulling in front of the truck?
  7. So, you were not happy because you were in a truck.

    Sounds like he had heaps of space to get past you. A rider only needs a couple of inches either side.

    Dangerous? Hmmm - me thinks not. Were you swerving from side to side - or were you driving just like most car drivers and maintining a common position in your lane? The latter I think - which is why he could quite safely split past you....... :grin:

    Why is it that whenever we are in a car/truck and we see a rider split that we think it "looks" dangerous. We aren't looking at it from the riders point of view.

    I split two cars at 70 kph on the Eastern Freeway today. The gap looked like a huge cave as I passed through it..... And the traffic was heavy, packed in all lanes - and moving at about 50 to 60 kph.

    Now - was I doing something dangerous? Not from where I was sitting.... iwas through the gap in a micro second - or less time than it would have taken them to close the gap on me.
  8. I am patient in traffic.....
    I patiently wait for a gap, then I split :p
  9. I'm with caz3064. :grin:

    My rule of thumb is to be 15km/h faster than the cars. Just enough to go past without any hassles if a problem pops up touch the brakes........... Well, I try to anyway :twisted:

    Don't lane split with any MC coppers around, otherwise its 2 demirit points and $160 odd fines. That was my Xmas present............

  10. Erm he lanesplit past him and disappeared.
    Your theory is not really spot on.
  11. From my point of view it is a headache, in the event that the rider clipps my truck and comes off, who do you think the police come after? When driving a truck, the cops useualy come after the truck. I will only lane split in stopped traffic, and only if I am less than 25 mtrs from the front of the cue, at a crawl. I guess you guys are right, it is at riders discression, it just appeared as an impulsive move from what my mirrors told me.
  12. If there wasn't enough space and the rider clipped you, since you're both pulled over exchanging details you can put the bike on the back of the truck as well :LOL:
  13. *brushes off flames*

    was just saying this might have happened?

    otherwise there's no need for an upset driver... but i just know it'd be a common thing with truckies...

    *gets firesuit ready again* :(
  14. Don't you understand that the safety margin built into roads so that slight movements don't cause accidents may be removed from you by anyone on a bike?

    They know infinitely better than anyone. You are driving a truck, you don't know the other stuff from clay remember? That you may have more years experience than them does not count at all. Simply having a bike endows them with this massive knowledge. That they take away any margin for error is nothing to do with you until you are involved in their car to bike ping pong. Then you don't get to sleep nights thinking it was your fault for not getting out of their way.

    A some one above pointed out. Don't worry about them. Let them look after themselves. If they hit, stiff for them.

    Watch this space for the reactions. But please make them new ones, have heard most already. :roll:
  15. I call troll!!! you all got stooged.
  16. i was reading in the Aust. Motorcycle News that a protest was organized for the splitting/filtering law. 300 showed. WTF? get off your ass, and take back the country! this place is going to shit unless you do something! its your country, your leaders, your laws. make them work for YOU! and fcuk the cagers. they're too stupid to ride bikes. they cant even make it from point a to point b without fcuking up, and endangering the rest of us. ride with your foot out and collect more mirrors.
  17. Is that all that some of you can say when someone responds without the social etiquette that should be reserved for discourse that's not inane??
  18. Its all right dirty j, i sure wont be near any of you netrider blokes when im on the road. With your reputation of crashing so bloody often and all ;)
  19. :lastweek: To lane split next to a truck :shock: Very naughty in the eyes of a jealous person sitting in traffic :shock: The air belongs to people that are in cars and trucks sitting in traffic,come on everybody knows that :p :p :p
  20. If you think that, then yes it was dangerous! At a 15km/h speed differential it would have taken you around 1.2 secs to clear the 2 cars. Add in reaction time and braking distance required on approach, and it would have been close to 4 secs you were in the hazardous zone. Thinking that you are in no danger/hazard whilst lane splitting moving vehicles is ridiculous ... acknowledging and accepting the hazard is what you need to do.