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Things you've carried in your jacket.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by sonicbaz, Jun 21, 2006.

  1. Since I've been riding I've carried footlong subway, cans of drink, cat 5 cables, computer mouse. It's bloody amazing what I can fit in my dri-rider jacket. :grin:

    Figure you crazy bunch must of put all kinds of things in yours...... :grin: :LOL:

  2. mmm...maccas (stunk the jacket out 4 a good 2 weeks)

    a litre of milk (was sooo cold it left a cold type burn on my stomach)

    and a pair of shoes.
  3. I am afraid they have covered this topic before.... we ended up discussing "doggles" the sunnies for dogs. *looks into air* ah the good old days.... :cool:
  4. I carried my passport, International Drivers Licence and my 40gig Ipod in my jacket, whilst riding through a 50cm deep flooded motorway. Everything got waterlogged, even the Ipod.
  5. A six pack, actually its more like a keg. :(
  6. hmmm a laptop, bottle of scotch, sneakers, pants, shirts, KFC, thongs, a bagged fish from the aquarium and the bag started to leak :shock:
    yeah i carry whatever i can fit :grin:
  7. Looks like you've won so far kinky :)
    My jackets a lil bit too tight on me so i cant carry too much :p
  8. Happy Meals and a bottle of beam are the only unusual things i've put in my pocket when on the bike.

    Usually it's wallet, keys, phone, garage remote and a crappy camera.
  9. Next time i take the cat to the vet, i'll remember that i can take the bike instead of the car...
  10. Beer, spirits, junk food, toilet paper, wallet, all of life's necessities.
    Also dogs, a cat, hydraulic hose, car/ motorcycle parts and a pot plant. (Not all at the same time.)
  11. Damn i dunnno I dont keep track... but its a lot of junk...
  12. Bike lock, beenie, usual stuff....

    And my summer jacket when i forgot to bring a carrybag to take it home in :LOL:
  13. A compact 35mm camera, once, but never again; I came off at speed and it massaged my left ribs into a painful state.......
  14. Best one was a small acetylene bottle damm mob i got it from wouldnt let me put it in a sedan or ocky it to the gearsack rack so open the belt and down the front of the dri rider

    Couldnt stop me then Ha Ha
  15. Eldest son borrowed my jacket, was out with his mates. Went to put something in a pocket, he feeling around goes " WTF is this? " pulls it out & yells out " Jesus MUM "

    & what was it that his mates got a good laugh about it.
    Oh just couple tampons :rofl: Well it is a chick's jacket after all.

    LOL That will teach him
  16. Pit Bull. Not my Pit Bull either.
  17. Spare earplugs
    Pen for keeping track of kms
    Helmet cover/bag
  18. I thought you would have put your 15 spare helmets in there G :grin:

  19. Coffee from the take away shop in my pocket. The Big breakfast wouldn't fit in there so I balanced that on the tank. No spilt coffe in pocket and not one soft egg broken. Not as much as you guys but I was proud of myself. Also with L's on the back I could go slow, annoying the cars following me. :grin:
  20. No, no, they go in the Ventura bag...