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Things you want to hear from your GF/Wife....

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Lazy Libran, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. • Honey, are you sure you have enough beer for tonight?
    • I love you working on the bike on Saturdays, we should do it together on Sundays?
    • Sweetheart, what kind of brakes do you want me to buy for the bike?
    • Do you mind if we watch the game together tonight and finish a dozen of beers?
    • I am going to wash your bike today!
    • No, No, No. I am changing the motor oil this time.
    • Forget about St Valentine’s day, we can go for a bike show instead.

    From minglis

    I've got some beers chilling... what time does the MotoGP start
    My mum wanted to come and visit, but I told her we were going for a ride

    From smileedude

    Instead of a ring can you buy me an engagement motorcycle?

    What else would you like to hear? :p
  2. Hmmmohhmmmm. It had to be said, so I thought I would get it out of the way early.
  3. ms's - *silence*
  4. I can see this thread heading south - literally - very quickly!

    What a guy might want to hear......

    "No honey, you don't need to do that tonight, I'm already SO horny for you."
  5. If my GF decided she wanted to sink beers, watch the footy and attend bike shows she would be out the door.... that's what my mates are for, and...

    ...what's one good thing about having a bike?? it's getting away from the other half for some breathing space ALL THE TIME :)
  6. .....

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  7. I'm assuming you're straight. If so, guys will never say that. Ever.

    Sorry to disappoint.
  8. No shit, my wife literally said to me this morning, 'can we go for a ride this weekend'

    Edit: Meaning the motorbike...
  9. The thread is titled... "Things you want to hear from your GF/WIFE"

    So, just contributing what a guy might want to hear, not what I want to hear.

    BTW, yes, I'm straight.

    ETA: But I see how it might have read, so I've edited my earlier post for the players at home.
  10. Grey we need one of these threads ;)

    I have a list prepared.
  11. While I understand your point, I have to say it's the total opposite for me.

    I love it when my wife watches the footy with me, and she is my favourite person to go riding with.....

    My idea of an excellent day:

    ride with the missus in the hills
    watch the footy
    ride with the missus ;)

    Anyway, back OT....

    "Honey, I was hoping we could go bike shopping so I know what bike you'd like me to buy for you".
  12. Yes, but just for the record (again!), my earlier comment won't apply.

    ETA: Seeing as you have a list already, I'll let you start it.
  13. Or, "I've got some beers chilling... what time does the MotoGP start?"
  14. Which comment?

    "things us motorcycling girls want to hear from BF/Hubbie etc"
  15. The comment that Lilley said a guy would never say. Not that I meant it that way.

    Carry on - awaiting your thread.
  16. I object! I love that bit and hate it when she says that to me.

    I liked hearing,
    "Your scooters a piece of shit, when are you going to get something less embaressing"
  17. I'm with you Minglis, but it might be my girly sentimentality coming out...

    It would be fantastic to do that stuff with a partner.

    ETA: Hahaha, I nearly wrote "your partner", but changed it in case everyone thought I meant YOUR partner. Bahahaha. Yes, I really am straight...
  18. "My mum wanted to come and visit, but I told her we where going for a ride"
  19. I'll let you argue that with Lilley then...

    ......does she REALLY say that to you???
  20. Sometimes. I must not do a very good job, or she wants to get all over with quickly so she can sleep.