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Things you see.... and thanks

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Jem, Nov 2, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    So I am waiting to turn left into Surry Road in Melbourne yesterday in the cage, look right down the hill to see what traffic is coming before I turn. See a bike coming up the hill and think plenty of room for me before he gets here.

    Take a closer look and think hmm he looks a bit unstable I might just let him go past as I am only going to buy some rolls for lunch. So bike goes past and I see that the rider has a pillion on; make the turn and notice that the bike has an L plate on the back......

    So two things I think about -

    1. While I understand it might be tempting to take your girl on the back of your bike while resticed at least have the smarts to take the L plate of.

    2. More importantly thanks to reading this site and now in the process of getting a bike has made me much more aware of what else is going on around me on the road. I have found that I am now driving the cage like I am on a bike and I would have to say it has made me if not a better driver then at least one who is much more aware of bikes.

    So thanks all.

    Cheers Jeremy

  2. wise move to learn from others mistakes.
  3. I wonder about those riding obviously non-LAMS bikes with plates on the back...
  4. I used to ride an xvs650 whilst on my learners, never showed the plate tho, but still shat myself when a vic pol was near by, mind you, 2 months later they made the LAMS list and phew.
    NEVER took a passenger till I was comfortable about doing so, even then, I did not realise how much difference another person on board changed the bikes characterisitcs.. Might do a couple of learner 'pillion' rounds one sat morn prac session. As summer draws near