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Things you love hearing when you get home.

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by van, Jul 17, 2006.

  1. The road leading to our driveway - Blackburn Rd, Mt. Waverley - is quite the downhill run.

    After I pulled in the driveway, my girlfriend appears at the sidegate (she was out the back feeding the dog) and says "When I heard you gearing down as you were coming down the hill, it really turned me on!"

  2. So you have moved from Richmond to Mt Waverly? Update your profile :)
  3. Haha nah I haven't, that's my girlfriend's place. I just spend so much time there, we tend to refer to it as our place :)
  4. If she's turned on by the sound of the 250, you're in real trouble when you upgrade, esp if you get a big twin, or something :LOL:.

    My favourite thing when I ride home is that my darling wife always hears me coming and runs up the garage door so I don't have to stop and open it myself.....
  5. Heh, I wish.

    I leave before my bf is out of bed every morning (so I have to lock the garage myself) and I get home a good hour and a half before him, so I open it up when he gets home and then start (or continue) cooking dinner.
  6. You cook dinner? How quaint! :p

    Paul: The ol' v-twin 250 may not be the most amazing sound when it's revving out, but damn me if it doesn't sound awesome when it's gearing down! Heh. But yeah, I'm looking forward to her thoughts when I upgrade ;)
  7. Now thats a well trained woman you have there hornet !!!

    If only she would bring you a beer, then lube your chain and give the bike a wipe down while you sit, drink, relax and point out the spots that she misses !! :grin: :grin:
  8. Beg ya pardon!! :LOL: :wink:
  9. Sure do.

    I love cooking. I'm hoping to make fresh bread again when I get home, even if it is a long process. It tastes better when you make it yourself.

  10. Lol, take it any way you like !! :grin: :grin:
  11. Mark, nice thought, apart from the beer bit, that'd be a waste with me.

    Of course back in the 70s before Mrs Hornet had to worry about children, she rode a quick 250 herself, so she's quite the expert at cleaning a bike. But I do it myself, of course, these days......

    And what's quaint about Sonja cooking? I'm a quailfied chef and I fiddle a bit still, but Mrs Hornet and my 26 year old daughter are both teachers; they get home before me and one or both of them cook, it's not quaint, it's a good end to the day.

    {That said, I wash up, do most of the washing, and can iron better than both of them put together :LOL:}
  12. lol, sorry mate forgot about that :grin:
  13. Yeah, I don't mind cooking at all either. Love doing a nice roast and having it come out spot on, with the vegies just right. I cook pretty much every night, love the George Foreman grill. It's usually a steak once a week, and marinated chicken breasts and either salad or mashed potato and vegies the rest of the week.
    I always open the front gates for the significant other, I am always home before her (when I am working). I also do the washing up, which I hate!
    No one cleans my bike for me and it's a commuter, so I usually clean it about once a month or so.
    I like to hear my dogs when I get home, they miss me! :grin:
    I wish my fiance got excited by bike sounds. :shock:

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. I was going to say "yeah Van she says that to us when we get to the gate also"

    But thought it best not to :LOL:

    Things I like to hear are "sure darling you can go get that new bike, do you want new riding gear also"

    But when I am awake she never says that :cry:
  15. What do I like hearing when I get home?

    "Hi Daddy!" :grin:

    Ain't it funny how you picture someone a certain way even though you have never met, my picture of you just went BOOOOOOOOM!!!!! :grin: :oops:
  16. :LOL: Hope you weren't disappointed, mate!!

    If you're going to be at the Netrider Dinner, don't forget to say Hi!!
  17. Netrider Dinner?????
  18. I love hearing my daugher laugh and giggle and crawl over to me and throw her arms up for a cuddle.
  19. I get home before my missus , live 5mins from work , i have to open the garage myself move all the bikes so they fit , move the drum kit , shut the garage then come upstairs , missus comes home and clinged to her all night