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Things you learn when changing fork seals

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by rob53, Jun 8, 2008.

  1. Yesterday, a couple of mates and I changed the fork seals on a vt250f.

    I have come to realise that the proper workshop manual is rubbish! When reading the instructions beforehand, it seems simple.

    Step #, Remove the throttle cable and ...

    Well when we tried to do that, we go, ok Lets remove the throttle cable. Ok it's stuck, what's the book say? Remove the cable. ... ok HOW?

    Pretty much, most of the instructions were like that, but thankfully in the end, we managed to change the seals and put it back together.

    I think the hardest part was taking the throttle cable off! (We just removed the handlebar with throttle still attached instead).

    Would I do it again? Yes

    Well that's it for my rant!


  2. I had this problem when i went to lube my cables... I think it's "assumed knowledge".

    After disassembling my clutch lever and re-assembling it (without getting the cable out), I did some googling.

    For the clutch cable, you unscrew the adjuster all the way out, then thread the cable through the slit in the adjuster and the lever, then slip the nipple out of the lever.

    For the throttle cable, unscrew the plastic housing on the handle bar where the cable ends, and pop the top off. Inside, the cable does a 90o bend and the nipple slots into a hole in a vertical disc which rotates with the throttle grip.

    Once you know how, it takes only a minute -_-
  3. Did you need to use a fork-seal-basher-pipe-thingy to seat them properly? I saw on the spanner night thread that they used an old seal to install it?

    I missed the spanner night on changing fork seals and my order of 2x full Fork Seal kits is in and I am picking up Fork Oil before this weekend (couldn't find out what the std weight is for my bike, but thought I'd up it slightly so I figure 15w is probly good to aim for ?!?! hmmmm...)

    I am just trying to decide whether to have a crack myself. I watched the You Tube guides as well. I have been quoted about 2 hours of labour to get someone else to do it.

    I was just in the middle of deciding whether to book it in or do it myself this weekend when I saw this thread.

    You would say go for it? I have RWU forks...
  4. I just put back together a half wrecked track bike.

    If you use common sense its pretty straight forward. If you get stuck, move on and come back to it.
  5. Righto cool...will cost about $170 in labour for someone else to do it, so will give it a crack...so anyone know if I will definitely need one of those seal pusherinierers, or will I be sweet some other way - like use an old seal. Hmmm maybe I should be asking his in a separate thread.

    Coz apart from that I think I'll have all I need including using a bit of wood and a scissor jack and the side stand to securely hold it up!!! (also contemplating seeing how well the bike sits on the car spare too for extra security...)
  6. Things you learn when changing fork seals :

    2nd tube is definately much easier to change seals than the first tube.
  7. I ended up using some 38mm pvc pipe. I was told you can also use a large centre punch too, but the pvc pipe fit just right.

    I cut a large enough piece so it extended past the top of the fork tube and gently hammered the pipe till the seal was in. Just make sure that the pipe doesn't have burs and etc. I used a pvc pipe cutter so it was a nice and clean cut.

    That's so true!

    I would recommend doing it yourself if your handy with tools. It's not really hard, just a bit fiddly when you never done it before. But it took around 4 - 5 hours. Lots of pauses and trying to figure out how to do things. Next time I don't think it would take very long.

    Plus at the end, you have a great sense of accomplishment!
  8. Sweet, well done Rob!!

    I just got home from changing mine with some goons here in Melbourne (nice goons). I agree with all you say, accomplishments etc. Took us about 3 hours, but most of that time was spent fixing a gas heater...(for the record, the thin gauge wire was the solution).

    How does yours ride now compared to before? What weight oil did you use and what was in it before?

    Mine had 5W stock :shock: but I put in 15W :cool: Ride was readlly sweet on the way home.
  9. My bike has one black seal and one copper seal. Everything else is black on the bike so the copper seal is giving me the shits looking at it. Might try to change this over to a black one soon.

    What are the biggest n00b mistakes I could possibly make changing the seal?
    Just so I can make 100% sure I don't do it... Murphy's law, you know how it is.
  10. One of the seals busted on my VTR250 the other day after an E-brake. Oil is slowly getting everywhere, I'm going to bite the bullet and have a go at it next weekend.

    Watched all the tutorials on youtube and have the manual, should be simple enough... right?
  11. ... right.

    One of the guys on the mcnews forum has a signature line that goes something like ...
  12. only things i can think of are don't distort the seal when setting it, and don't score the staunchion. other than that, just the usual stuff like check everything over including the slider bushes

    yep piece of pi$$, just take your time and note the way it all goes back together