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Things You Hate

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by van, Jul 22, 2006.

  1. The ongoing Things You Hate thread! Every time something pisses you off, this is where you vent ;)

    I hate that when I bought all my bike gear, I didn't budget for boots because my uncle had a perfectly good pair to give me, and they fit fine. I buy all my gear, and then he tells me he forgot about it, and sold the boots. Shit! A month and a bit has passed, and I still can't afford boots.

    I went around to my uncles to borrow his trailbike boots, but the sole is super thick and the top is damn thick too, so I can't get my foot under the gear pedal. We raised the pedal, but then it became a biatch to shift down (the pedal was super high up in 5th gear).

    I really want to go on this ride tomorrow with the other Netriders, but I needs me some boots. Argh!!

    Anyway. What do you hate?
  2. Oh, I also hate that some jackarse in England undercut me ridiculously on a design job. It's pricks like that who drag down the average income of designers everywhere. Arsehat!
  3. we had a things you hate thread, kraven started it...

    I hate a shitload of things.
  4. I hate it when people start threads that have already been started under another name......

    Just kidding mate, you'd the second person who's had something sold out from under him in the last day or so, bummer. I'm sure some kindly Melbourne Netrider has a superannuated set of boots you could borrow/buy.

    Van, it's a cruel world, and sometimes even when the deal is done, people will welch. I'm sorry that you got underquoted, keep pitching anyway.....
  5. i hate it when i buy a power ball ticket and i dont win :mad:
    i hate it when lane splitting and the guy/girl in the car just wont move that extra few cm so u can get through :mad:
    i hate it when ur about to go riding and the weather is fine but once all ur gear is on its like starting to rain :mad:
  6. Yep i sure did it's Here. But it was locked :(
  7. Ah shit, sorry guys!

    Paul: Cheers for th thoughts guv :)
  8. Hate is a powerful emotion, you should turn it into rage and violence to both get rid of it and achieve results!
    Works for me!
    I hate people in traffic that sit on your ass, and pass you as soon as they can, and undertake doing it so they can get one spot ahead. I especially hate it when you end up passing them again in traffic and they get the shits and think it's personal. Bloody pathetic! :evil:
    All they end up doing is disrupting the traffic flow around them.....
    I also hate people who change lanes in roundbaouts, who don't signal when they are turning in a roundabout, ruining a chance you may have had to get through the roundabout. I especially hate it when they flick you the bird back because THEY did something wrong?
    Roundabouts are a fundamentally very simple device to use, but it takes common sense and courtesy!

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. I also hate it when someone agrees to buy something off you at a certain price, and then turn up with a lesser amount in cash. It's pretty funny when you tell them to go away, but then they get all upset?
    They don't realise you had other buyers who would pay at that price but you blew off?
    I also hate it when you sell something on Ebay, no one bids, then they send you emails after the auction with stupid offers?

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. I hate when people promise something then dont come through.
    I hate when someone tells you they have to talk about something really important but then just talk about what they had for lunch :roll:
    I hate bikes :(
  11. :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
  12. I hate WINTER :evil: and riding in hail :shock:
  13. P Platers
  14. I hate people who use you.
  15. ha ha! common sense and couresty? dream on!!! that'll never happen! the inventor of the round-a-bout was asking WAY too much of the common nobody.

    i hate people who decide to stop growing up in their 20s.
  16. and those damn bikers :p

    okok i hate my bike :LOL:
    am feeling better now though after going for a ride, might go take things out on a punching bag later anyway ;)
  17. I hope you are talking about and inanimate object there !!!
  18. I hate (happened yesterday in the car) when people indicate left when entering a roundabout and keep going straight through!!! [Read the F4ing Road Rules, d!ckweed!!!]

    I hate tailgaters, riding in the pouring rain [especially with (a) new tyre(s)], lusers...
  19. Hahah, you folks know this isn't just about bikes, right?! ;)

    I hate how freaking cold this apple is! Getting ice cream headaches from apples is not cool :p
  20. I hate brain freeze too!

    Regards, Andrew.