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things you dont see in other states....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jphanna, May 30, 2013.

  1. just spent a week in Victoria, last 4 days in CBD Melbourne.

    mbikes parked on footpaths everywhere. unbelievable
    also the AMOUNT of mbikes used for commuting to work is amazing, coming from SA.

    in SA the is thousands of bikes visable during a weekend, but mon to fri I see the same amount in streets of Melbourne

    don't know what the numbers are like in NSW and QLD....but I suspect Victoria is the biggest mbike enthusiast state. very impressive to see mbikes everywhere.
  2. 3 times the population.
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    it's because driving a car in and around Melbourne is just totally fcuked.

    and I don't understand why on earth you'd park a motorbike on the street. if you tried that here, it's guaranteed a car will knock your bike over.
    drivers don't look where they are going in Vic. they have better things to do because they are understandably bored out of their minds.

    but if I had a dollar for every shopping cart I've had to smash through to get back onto the road....
    (some with idiots still trying to cling to the stupid things)

  4. Well maybe not totally, but parking in the CBD is expensive. The trains... well after 30 years of commuting by train I've had it. Then tried driving the cage and had to pay $14 a day to park my cage, I finally saw the light & got a bike.
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    Footpath parking helps heaps, going in to the city you can generally park at no charge right out front of where you want to go.

    On the otherhand we have the speed is bad blinkered view to the point that no other road rule seems to be enforced. Lane discipline, using blinkers etc etc police ignore.

    NSW has commuting in bus lanes whereas we only have that on one route, Hoddle st.

    If we could combine the best rules and regs from each state and role them out Australia wide it would be a motorcycling renaissance.
  6. ^ here here - but that of course would be sensible so no hope !!!!
  7. Teehee...
  8. combining the best rules is a good idea and something motorcycling alliance could take up with the relevant government body.
  9. Was also impressed with motorbike parking when I was in Melbourne. Footpaths are nice and wide. Much better than Brisbane.
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    Yes fortunate for us, but it would be the argument against footpath parking in other cities. In Melbourne you can park on most footpaths because of their width but their are laneways etc where it is prohibited. The sign displayed in that case is:

    There are also other rules but the majority of places you can park. Signage such as above could deal with specific areas in other states where footpath parking would be a hindrance to footpath traffic.

    PS: Ignore the dismount requirement in the City council spiel, there is no legal requirement to do that and it would be stupid and dangerous pushing a ZX14 around a footpath.
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  11. Melbourne mostly has particularly wide footpaths. Apparently partly due to the affluence from the Gold Rush that established Melbourne.
    Was a wake-up to me. I'm used to walking much closer to others which seems a no-no in Melbourne. It's like being in the country where footpaths are less packed and people assume a larger personal space. Melbourne is just a glorified hick country town.

    Thing I don't see until I hit another State (20 km away) is Traffic Lights. There is one set about 12 km away, a few at Tweed Heads and then multiple when cross the border into Qld and head through Gold Coast. Brings back memories of when I had to deal with them.

    Something I don't see in another State (Qld) is Bikes in the Bus lane. Not that there are Bus lanes in NSW where I am to see them anyway.
  12. speed cameras and cops everywhere.. Dont see that in Tasmania! :sneaky:
  13. Having grown up in a Vic town it was a bit of a shock how close people get in Melbourne, still notice it 30 years after moving there. Perhaps not a bad sensitivity to have if you're going to ride.

    "I'm a Country Member..."
  14. You notice a difference hey. Reverse can apply when you are used to the city and are in a country town.
    The wide streets and footpaths I was referring to in Melbourne might have only been a few. I reckon many I saw seemed to be much wider than some other cities.
  15. Melbourne was a planned city so the wide streets are a result of that. We have the surveyor Hoddle and his predecessor Robert Russell to thank for that. Governor Bourke thought it a profligate waste of space for a settlement of its size. We have Bourke to thank for the smaller every second street.

    :) A bit of Melbourne trivia for you.
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  16. Wide footpaths don't make up for Eddie Mcguire.
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  17. Eddie should buy an Aprilia.
  18. That would be just reward ;) :p
  19. A bit of Country Vic trivia: In Heathcote until they built a wide median strip of pairs of bollards down the main street, you used to be able to angle park a bus.
  20. Maybe the Heathcote town fathers were thinking, 'One day we may have trams running down the main street of our thriving city, just like Bendigo'
    Optimism is a tonic. :D