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Things very nearly turned to s**t!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by i_cruise, Nov 6, 2007.

  1. Well I've just come home from a rather interesting ride to work this morning. I decided last night i would ride to work this morning, so i had everything i needed for the day packed in my backpack and ready to go. The ride was pretty uneventful as I'm only sitting on 100 on the ringroad pushing air. That all changed when i got to within a couple of mins from work, i hit a fairly large bump in the road and when the bike settled back down, the zip on my backpack gave way and sent all my stuff scattering across to road!!

    I have always been pretty Wary of back packs on the bike, as a mate of mine binned his R1 last year when his backpack opened mid corner letting his jumper get caught in the chain. So i always check and re-check the zips before i leave. I consider myself lucky this time not to have layed on the road and in future i'll try to avoid backpacks if i can, but in the meantime i'll invest in a new one i think lol.

    Funnily enough it happened right out front of H.A.R.T in Tullamarine lol , good thing it happened at 5am when nobody is there to witness my embarrasment haha , walking down sharps Rd pickeing up my home made muffins truly felt like the walk of shame.
  2. No not the muffins! they wernt chocolate chip were they? :grin:
  3. No! Worse! banana and honey lol
  4. i only have one think to say, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha :LOL:

  5. Aww, that sucks! I can imagine it would have given any passers-by quite the entertainment!

    At least now your muffins have a bit of extra flavour! :LOL:
  6. :? i use backpack everyday
    but my backpack only open on the top 1/4 of the bag. so even if it opens nothing falls off.
  7. Imagine if you lost some part of a load out of a ute or truck, regardless of your best efforts at securing your load. Wouldn't be chuckles, everyone would be howling and scowling away.
  8. ditch the dodgy backpack and buy a quality bag for the bike
  9. Yeah how dare you endanger the lives of other road users. Don't you know that last year 312 people were admitted to hospital as a result of muffin related road accidents, with banana muffins ranking in the top 3 deadliest road muffins. It's about time the Government introduced strict legislation concerning the transportation of hazardous baked goods.
  10. :rofl:

    can we petition the government for muffin cameras?
  11. Plenty of them on the Intarweb :eek:
  12. Too true, those bloody muffins get everywhere.
  13. Yeah, yeah, very funny. :LOL: My point was that despite best intentions, a load wasnt secured. Keep it in mind for the next thread where a tradie drops a single screw out of the back of his ute resulting in a flat tyre. "fcuking incompetent fcukwits can't keep their fcuking shit sorted. fcuking fcuk fcuks. I could have fcuking died. Sue. Whine. Moan. Throw the book at them."

    Just my initial thoughts.
  14. Yeah but the difference is the OP actually stopped and picked their stuff up. The possibility that a tradie would notice they're a few TEK screws short when they get to a worksite and backtrack their entire journey to find them is about as likely as winged monkeys flying from their butt.
  15. Yeah baked goods and motorcycles don't mix kids. Found that out the hard way today lol. Seeing as its such a nice day i think i'll go for a ride to williamstown minus the backpack. Good muffins there.
  16. :LOL: :LOL:

    I bought an Oxford First Timers tankbag about a week ago and have been commuting with it ever since. Much better than having a "bag" on your back, lot safer too. Also limits the amount of crap you tend to put in. Now leave whatever I can at work.
  17. Why buy another muffin killer (backpack) when you can get a nicely styled tail bag? Tail bags aren't that expensive, think of the muffins, please won't somebody think of the muffins!
  18. Apparently my grand-dad had an accident on his bike and broke his arm, donkeys years ago, because the woolen scarf around his neck got caught in the chain!
  19. I was following a mate once along the highway, doing about 80 or so. He had just bought a dozen bread rolls on the instruction of his missus and had the plastic bag full of said rolls tied securely onto his gearsack rack on the back of his bike.

    Then the bag tore.

    Twelve crusty white rolls went cascading off the back of his bike. I tell you what, those buggers can bounce at 80kmh! There were quite a few cars around us and every one contained people laughing and pointing. It was quite a graceful display of baked goods formation flying, really.

    I beeped and pointed, but he couldn't see what had happened. We were nearly home anyway. When he got home and saw the tattered plastic bag hanging off his rack like a deflated jellyfish he just sighed and turned around. When he got back from the bakers the second time he looked pregnant, with a dozen rolls stuffed in his jacket.

    Lesson learned.
  20. Falling off with a kilo of link sausages and a squeeze bottle of ketchup down your front gets a really entertaining response from the helpful passer by who undoes your jacket :grin: .