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Things to say when you see a fly undone

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by es, Sep 3, 2006.

  1. due to dodgy draggin jeans flys, this situation is more common at netrider events than you may think.
    so here are some ways to subtly bring up the topic of exposed jocks...

    - Men may be From Mars.....but I can see something that rhymes with Venus.
    - I always knew you were crazy, but now I can see your nuts!

    anyone got some more?
  2. I always ask them if they ever wished they could fly...

    Usually takes a minute. :grin:
  3. "You're flying a bit low today......" or go with "Are you advertising?"

    Then sit back and watch the confused expression slowly (slower for some :LOL: ) change to a Eureka! moment and then a touch of embarrassment.
  4. 'I didn't know you were selling hot dogs?!'
  5. I like seeing flies undone......

    dirty little beasts, carry disease :LOL:
  6. "I see the doors open.....Mind if i cum in??"
  7. "It always pays to advertise"
  8. "Who died? the flag is at half mast."
  9. "Bit hot today?"

    "Venting zips all open I see..."

    or if I know them, just plain old

    "Argh... fly... bad!"
  10. "thanks for the invite but i like girls"
  11. Flies carry disease..... so keep yours closed

    Flying at low altitude today digger

    Who died???? (wait for the reply of no one ...why?) Because your fly is at half mast
  12. +eleventygujillion for Band of Brothers ref :!:
  13. My black dragons are really bad for this....but ive given up on the fly...it spends most of its life down!!!! I don’t really care as I always have shorts under them anyway
    EDIT: ops it’s my blue ones that are the bad ones...the black ones have a nother problem...but that’s nother story

  14. Thanks Ktulu .... one of my fave series.... right up there with ANZAC's
  15. Hmm, my black ones have just started doing this (although they are a few years old). Common problem you say?
  16. Dead birds don't fall out of the nest....
  17. Are you ventillating?
  18. Commando was made in 1984 starring Arnie.
    Are you in pre-production for the remake ?