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Things to keep in mind for motards?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Lukey, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. Heya everyone,

    Just wondering of any hints/tips to keep on top of regarding motards. I will be getting a KTM 640 and just need some pointers. I know I need to pay a bit more attention to oil/filters, and possibly valve measurements?

    How many kms should I be expecting out of oil changes etc? I'm currently on an R6, and they're pretty casual concerning oil changes really...

    Just don't want to have got myself into too much is all! I have heard the LC4 engines are a much more relaxed engine as far as motards go, or so i'm hoping heh!

    Any info/advice would be received well :)

  2. Wait, you want to go from a R6 to a Motard.. Why........
  3. Troll. :LOL:
  4. Well how would you enjoy riding a R6 up 3 sets of large steps and inside a small laundry every time you use a motorbike? And dragging mud through the house to e abused by the missus, then told to clean it up? ;).

    Motard is more convenient for me, suits my current riding style a bit more. Though yes, I will msis the power of the R6, the things is veryyyy fast.

    Cheers for the service manual will have a look...
  5. Depending on how many hours you ride a week, you should be able to get away with one change per week
  6. Out of a KTM 640? Probs only do a bit of cruisy round town stuff, and maybe a weekend ride for 2-3 hours MAX. So probably about 5-6 hours only a week at the moment.

    Should the LC-4 engine need oil changes -that- often? Would be lucky to put 500kms on in a week currently as i'm pretty busy with uni etc... I had heard the LC-4's have reasonable changing times. I have been reading about ~15 hours for the high strung bikes like the Husqvarna's, so surely a fair bit more out of the KTM?

    I wouldn't want to be changing the oil each week, bit too much for my liking really. I was hoping for somewhere round the 2,000km mark for oil changes, which I have been told is quite possible, but conflicting advice now! :p
  7. Because R6's are for homo's.

  8. LC4's are good for 5000km oil changes on a good synthetic oil. According to the owners manual. I change mine around the 3000km mark. They hold about 2.4 litres so no need to get carried away with weekly oil changes. Valve clearance checks at 5000kms also. They are screw and locknut so no real biggie. Inlet and exhaust are both 0.15mm clearance. There is not a lot of room so it is a wee bit fiddly, but no where near as bad as my VFR400. If thats any consolation.
    The owners manual details the oil change procedure. It's a bit more complex than your average jappa. There are 2 filters to change and the system requires bleeding after re-filling. Follow the procedure in the manual and you will be fine.
    I have an SXC that I converted to motard. It spent the first 8000kms in the dirt and now has over 20,000kms on it. Reliable as a hammer. The only problems have been vibration induced ie wearing through the insulation on the headlight wiring and voltage regulator. Killed a battery and the main jet came loose.
  9. Ah stupid me I didn't read the manual! Yeah that sounds a bit better, personally I wouldn't leave it for 5000kms as that seems a little too much for me, bugt yeah i;ll probably be going with every 2-3k as you have suggested.

    Any particular oil you use which seems to work well? And best to buy in bulk? What sort of cost you usually pay?

    The valve clearances i'll do with the help of dad first time round, then i'll be doing it myself more than likely. Save myself a vbit of cash by sending it into the local KTM store at $80 an hour and to be without a bike whilst they do it! Thanks for info mate :)
  10. [sings]"...sweep up the feathers..."[/sings]
  11. You need to watch you don't run out of fuel. You don't get much distance out of them.
  12. The first couple of services were done by the dealer for the sake of the warranty. I specified Motul 5100 10W 50. Semi synthetic.
    Since then I use Caltex Havoline full synthetic 10W 50. About $41 for 5 litres. Yes it's a car oil. No it doesn't have friction modifiers to make the clutch slip. It is the correct viscosity and it's rated SL/CF so it exceeds the requirements listed in the owners manual. Doesn't use any oil between changes and I have let it run up to about 4500kms between changes.
  13. Yeah will eventually get another tank for it. No huge drama, can always carry a jerry can on the back for when I am on the highway, just incase :p.

    edit: I'd assume i'd be keeping it going on premium btw? It doesn';t have any ill effects on it?
  14. I can get 300kms out of a tank on mine if I leave my brain in. How far do you want to go on a tank?

    PS I have the 18 litre KTM tank on mine.
  15. Owners manual states 95 fuel minimum. If that's not available then whatever premium can be found. If you can not find any premium there is a wire on the ECU that can be disconnected (at the cost of reduced performance) to allow the bike to run on normal 91. My local dealer did say not to run it on Optimax as it may run a little rich and perhaps stall/hard starting. You can lean it off a little to suit but it's easier to just use 98
  16. That is heapssssss. Furthest trips i'll be doing where I might not want to stop is only 200km trips home. For day trips it's no bother stopping to refill anyways, gives me a chance to get the butt back into the land of the mobile ;)
  17. :roses: