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Things to do in Alice Springs?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pringa8, May 16, 2008.

  1. I'm staying in Alice for 4 days soon (2 will be for work so I'll have the weekend free), just wondering what is there to do up there? Any idea how far the rock is from town?

  2. Not far, only about 500kms ;).
  3. 1) Get pissed
    2) Have a fight
    3) Rinse and repeat.

    There's not a lot in Alice. The rock's nice, long way though. Get a bus driver who can talk.
  4. :rofl:
  5. go visit the gorges & gaps, you should be able to find a tour to simpsons gap etc & some of the other awesome scenery up there.
  6. Kings Canyon is also worth a look, if you are out that way... so many nice places there....would love to go back and see a few things i missed on our last trip through there

    Mataranka springs for one just out of Katherine

    and always wanted to head to the Henlen-on-Todd Regatta, which is a boat race without water.....

    Only boat race in the world held in a river with no water and i believe the year it was flooded (actually had wate rin the river) they cancelled it :rofl:
  7. Get one that can't!
  8. Ha ha ha, i didn't want to sound like one of those American tourists!! Hey, can I walk to Townsville from Brisbaaane? :LOL:

    Thanks for all the suggestions so far! Dont know a thing about Alice besides its stuck out the middle of no where.
  9. In town: Drinking, the Casino (well, just out of town), and there are some good restaurants and pubs. Interesting crowds.
    Oh. When bored with some free time, go see the panorama painting they have in a round building.

    Out of town: Tourist stuff.
    Bus to Uluru, walk up it and down, view museum, bus back again. I think you can do day trips. Perhaps a day at Uluru (Ayers Rock), overnight, then a day at Kata Tjuta (the Olgas).
    Same for Kings Canyon, and other spots along the McDonnell ranges. Lots of good swimming holes along there.
    Camel rides. Lots of fun. Check when the camel races are on. (Annual)
    They have a dune buggy race to Finke once a year. Maybe you can get some time in the desert in one? Actually, if you could find one to take you on a run down to Chambers Pillar and back in a day, that would be worth while. Although the Pillar is best seen as sunrise/set.

    Mataranka springs is a long way north, and last time I was there it was fun of mud and bat guano. Very unpleasant. So check before you travel if that is a destination. View the Devils Marbles on the way. It was about 50°C outside last time I was there. Scorching.

    But really, unless you enjoy getting out into, and camping in the desert, and have the gear to do so, drinking is the main pastime. Even the locals say so. They like to meet new faces though. :grin:
  10. Hit Bojangles if you get the time.
    Always a good time to be had there.
    Spent many an evening sucking up a plenty coldies in there... :grin:
  11. Definitely do the sights west of town. Just drive west and stop for a look at every tourist sign you see. Take your time and you'll easily fill 4 days.
    Consider doing an overnight camel safari if you are into camping.
    IMHO Uluru is too far unless you fly in (based on 4 days). If you had a week you could drive the circuit. ( Kings Canyon is a long way, too. )
  12. I've been to Alice twice and love the area.
    If you have wheels i'd recommend a full day going east and back, then another full day going west and back.
    In town, the Memo club (Alice Springs Memorial Sports Club) is good for a feed. And sitting on the outside deck at the casino, having a few beers, watching the sun set with the light changing against the range is pretty nice.
  13. Bundy & I have just ridden back from Alice last week. The Weather is quite pleasant this time of year, the feed at the Federal Sports Club is good. The start of the Alice to Finke Desert race is on the 08th June, the town will be packed, will be good party time! Go and say hello to Chris at Desert Edge Motorcycles, nice bloke, he might be able to put u onto a renter if u want to go out to the Rock & Kings Canyon. About 100 odd K's South of Alice is a place called Stuarts Well (just a roadhouse) it is home of "Dinky" the singing Dingo!! if u don't like Dinky's hi pitched voice, the Bundies are cold and there is Accom' there. There is plenty to see & do, it's just a matter of getting of ur A@#! and finding out what's happenning!
    Hope u have a good trip.

    Tex & Bundy