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Things the hubby says...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Le Riding Frog, Jul 12, 2016.

  1. Just to put this into context, hubby and I are pretty much newbies to bike riding despite the fact we've both improved enormously since we got our Ls. I started in March and have logged nearly 1,800kms on my little lady and he got his bike much later and added just over 700kms to his VTR250.

    So tonight we were discussing bikes over dinner just to see what we might be looking at in a while after we (hopefully!) pass our license and then he just blurts out "I feel like I NEED to own a Monster for a year"... errrr... ok then... I guess he won't mind if I "feel" like I "need" to own a daytona 675R for a while then...:whistle:
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  2. Awesome!
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  3. I would go with the 675. What a sweet engine.
  4. sounds good to me. you won't die wondering.
  5. If you have the means go and get them both, then get out and ride the wheels off them, you'll create some great memories.
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  6. sounds fair to me :)
  7. So, this is going to be a mixed marriage huh?
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  8. Or even a bike swapping one ;)
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  9. I feel the need to own a DB2.
    My wife and bank manager are less convinced.
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  10. Haha welcome. Leave your keys in the fishbowl ;-)

    I rode a 675R the other day, and all I can say is holy crap. What a machine. I have to have one :p

    I currently ride a VTR1000, its aggressively quick off the mark and I am having a great time on it. My bike is known and loved for its sound, but that 675 triple blasting out of an arrow pipe at full song keeps me up at night...
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  11. dude either get a room or get the trumpy lol

    Le Riding FrogLe Riding Frog - the rule of thumb in our house is whatever I spend on toys the chillibabe gets to spend on whatever she wants - neither of us miss out and it helps to keep our spending in check (hint: it's best if you buy first as it sets the limit and you get what you want :shifty:)
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  12. Haha chilliman64chilliman64 thats a great system.

    Also I just got my group certificate. Need to arrange a creative accountant to sort out my affairs so I can get back some of the ridiculous amount of tax I paid. And as amazing as a Daytona would be, I'm going to sit on the firestorm for a while longer, I just love this bike. My fleeting love affair with the triumph will be realised fully one day, but that's not coming any time soon. I had the best ride home from work today and now I'm all about v twins again ;-)
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  13. Delayed gratification is that much sweeter....
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  14. Oh when the wind changes my mind will change too... Obviously I'm an idiot, and am so hooked on the idea of riding a Daytona on my days off that this situation is just fcuked, it will be a heart purchase so there's no point thinking it through. It's just not viable at the moment. I doubt it will be viable when it happens either, but at least for the moment I'm chaining the wallet closed. I might get some training under my belt and smash out a few track days before I spend big money on a rapid sportsbike
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  15. mwahaha, you peeps are not helping!!!!!!!!!
    I must say that anyway for the moment that's not going to happen as there's not a lot of point in buying a bike that I am not legally allowed to drive for at least another year :cry: (and I suspect is also well above my riding abilities...) but on another hand that gives me time to save a bit...

    I like your system [​IMG]@chilliman64 I might establish one like that here too, but I think for the moment that would mean that the hubby has got vouchers... :meh:
  16. Oh hon ... didn't you realise we're enablers around here?
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  17. only apply the rule if you're behind then, hubby doesn't need to know... :whistle:
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  18. Don't let fear stop you. Ok, the law might, but that depends on your attitude to obeying the road laws. Remember though that there is a LAMS approved Monster and there's a LAMS approved Street Triple as well (not a 675R - but a close as you'll legally get in the Triumph range)