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Things that you just don't get in Aus.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pro-pilot, May 31, 2008.

  1. Incredible. Whilst over here in Canada and wanting to do some riding I decided to see what a local Honda dealer was willing to do. The deal I struck would be unheard of in Australia.
    They have a few brand new Fireblades that they are going to set up as demos. I have one for a week at a cost of 25c per kilometre, plus the cost of the 1000 k service when I bring it back.
    So for potentially a weeks worth of hiring, works out to $250 for km’s and $130 for the service.
    Wish it was this easy back in Aus!!

    Unfortunately the speed limit nazis are pretty much the same. Most highways are 80 kph and only the interstates are at 110 kph. They do have an equivalent of hoon legislation under the label of street racing. It is based on you doing over 50 kph of the posted limit. Anything below that only attracts a fine.

  2. What a deal! And I thought you were going to say 'The moose'.
  3. Beautiful Counrty :)
    We had plans to visit my uncle there a few years ago, alas he got called up 'above' before we had the chance.
    Enjoy PP :wink:
  4. you also dont get the roads iced up for months on end :grin:

    sounds like a good time, i reckon there would be some mountain roads up there worth masturbating over...
  5. Oddly enough, real riders up that way find a way to ride year round. Not like Australia, "ooh, it's below 20 degrees, no way am I riding!".

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. hey P-P, what's the insurance on a deal like that, though???
  7. Insurance is as per the shops loan bike policy. Pretty much if you drop it or do some minor damage yourself then you pay for the repairs (under a grand). If its traffic related the policy cover kicks in, from the paperwork I have it would appear that $1200 is the excess.

    Currently you are getting $0.95 Canadian dollars for an aussie.
  8. So, I guess the question is, then, are you anywhere near a race track :LOL:????
  9. lol!
    I wish. There is a specific clause in the contract which says 'road use' only. Not even allowed to use unsealed roads.

    The price of one of these babies on road is $16000 on road (in Canadian dollars).
    They also have the limited edition full black and silver colour versions (as well as red and yellow).
  10. When the roads are icy they salt them which discourages most people from putting their pride and joy out to rust, which is why most people over there have a summer car thats the good one and a shitty winter car they let rust away.
  11. The weather over here has been great so far, about 15 degrees and only a few spots of rain.

    The new blade is the bomb. I have a 07 cbr 600 rr at home I use for track days, but this baby blows it away in all aspects. Especially when you consider the frame size and weight are almost compatible with the 600, but with a 1000 cc engine under the tank.

    The real benefit is in the razor like handling and lean angles this baby will do!

    Having now had the pleasure of using one for nearly 500 km of riding, the change over waiting for me cannot come soon enough. :grin:
  12. I only ride around 4km to work 3 times a week, so it would cost me $3 a week hire

    no wonder they dont do that here,

    Nobody would buy a bike, I would just hire them forever model after model
  13. Did they lower it for you Supreme Dolt or did you wear your pumps?
  14. :rofl: :rofl:
  15. Deyago deyago deyago?!?!! :grin:

    /off topic
    Pro Pilot, where's this conference being held (physical location) and who's sponsoring it? Is it just a climatologist thing or an international talk fest? The other thread got locked before you could give this answer. Cheers
  16. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: