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Things that make you go Ouch!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Milos, Aug 8, 2005.

  1. Just IMAGINE what sort of injuries the grid-iron guys would get without the armour? (or does that armour make it worse??)
  2. some of that was sooo funny, couldn't laugh quite enough ended up with 3 other staff members all standing round watching that clip, laughing
  3. Yea theres some funny stuff there for sure, just what i needed on a Monday :LOL:
  4. They used to play sans-armour in the 'olden' days of gridiron (or at least very minimal armour). As protection has improved so has the force of the hits.
  5. What is SO scary about some of those things is the speed at which they happen. The g forces involved in the sudden stops just don't bear thinking about.

    Having said that, I laways go "Ouch" when I see a harley rider going by with his open face helmet and cut-off jacket on, and his g/f on the back in shorts and a tank top with sandals on.
  6. Harley rider = prehistoric bike + prehistoric safety gear......
    Could be painful if he rode through a swarm of bees (or hornets....!).
    Daz. :wink:
  7. i've seen this before but watching it again now only noticed the guy being sucked into the jet intake :shock:
  8. Being ANYWHERE near hornets is painful..

  9. I'd seen most of them before (except the gymnast pile-up, lmao) but they were even better to that sound track.
  10. some of those had to have been fatal..........ie the jet engine one and the gut hit by the car.....the rest...... :)
  11. holy crap, see what happend to that motorcyclist who got T-boned? and he was going slow too! makes me not wanna go out and.......
  12. I've seen the entire footage of the guy getting sucked into the A4 intruder intake, he didn't get sucked in all the way. his flight/deck crew vest was sucked off him and went though the fan and blew/shutdown the engine.
    He was pulled out the same way he went in, shaken but only with a few bruises.

    Makes for a VERY good flight deck safety film, on paying attention to where you are and what your doing

    I'll see if i can get a hold of it and post it up for you

  13. I'm going to pretend I didn't hear the Hornet remarks
  14. If memory serves that was footage of a hostage taker/bank robber making his get away. Ask for a motorbike thinking he'd be able to make his getaway, he got 40 metres the the cops t boned him.
  15. oh..........lol...........i thought it was some poor fella just riding along minding his own business

    looks nasty though........how'd he come out of that?
  16. amazing how powerful those jets are.......jesus must love that man!
  17. I don't think he fair very well at all.