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Things stupid people invent

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by russ, Oct 9, 2004.

  1. alternativly titled "Stupid things people invent"
    I've long been wanting to write about this. Melbourne is filled with road objects designed to kill, injure, or at least inhibit riders from safe passage.

    So far my list is:

    1. Melbourne drivers (applicable for most states I guess)

    2. cobble stones on the end of each suburban road, great for losing that traction. even better in the rain.

    3. Tram tracks, nuff said

    4. Blue cats-eyes. yes they serve an important purpose but why are they always placed 1m in from the apex of the corner where your front wheel will travel over it and scare the bejesus out of you when your front wheel slides.

    5. My current favourite (discovered today) suburban back street traffic lights, serving no purpose and hidden by trees. Don't know what road it was on but the traffic lights were obviously for pedestrians but they turn red even when there are no pedestrians. oh and you can't really spot them until around 40m out. the guy in front hit the brakes and slid into the middle of the "intersection" (looked more like a straight bit of road to me), me, I ended up sitting pretty behind his bumper :D having said that I wonder if I'd even have seen the lights since they were so well hidden :shock:

    6. feel free to add more
  2. I'll add one....the pedestrian islands they have in the city that you can't see properly cos they're under trees which are blocking the light and make them blend in to the road.

    Oh, and another one....those steel grates they have over drains which are located on the apex of roundabouts and corners *think Richmond for that one!*

    :x :x :x
  3. 1. taxi's
    2. that green paint they paint the road with (ie rushall cresent)
    3. 4WD's

    things they need to put on a bike :
    1. coffee cup holder
  4. in adelaide they have man holes dotted at various
    parts of the road... and in some places, the
    covers have sunken causing it to be pot hole.

    these are quite dangerous to drive over.
    it seems a silly place to put them since that
    maintenance done on that part of the
    underworks will require the road to be
    "blocked off".

    i've tryed to figure out why fcuk government
    planners place them in such strategic spots ?

    i figured that maybe that the manholes were
    there first ?????

    but no. i've seen new roads being made
    with their embedded potholes... so, i conclude
    that some adelaide planners are infact "fcuked
    in the head".

  5. 1. The various Victorian State Traffic Planning Authorities - sole proprietor of nice steel cables designed to decapitate a sliding rider after they've come to greif due to another blunder caused by these people.
  6. The re-election of Howard.

    *mutters under his breath*
  7. ###########Suzuki Across's###########
  8. Yep, cant go past that little ripper.
  9. The huge metal plates they "temporarily" put over road works for months on end.
  10. Fred, take a cruise to Crown Casino from just about anywhere except South Melbourne way and you find the smae thing here in Victoria, not just an Adelaide thing alas.
  11. 1. Level intersections on freeways.
    2. No left turning lanes on busy 2 lane roads.
    3. Painted stripes across lanes when approaching some
    intersections - common in the ACT.
    4. Street lighting that shines in your eyes. Particularly
    garden lighting in peoples' homes that do this.
    5. Intersections where there should be Stop signs,
    instead of Give Way signs.
    6. Traffic lights without right-turn/left turn arrows.
    7. Bridges that are narrower than the approach/exit
    roads that they join, from sealed edge to sealed
    8. T-intersections on bends. eg:
    right hand bend with a left turning intersection.
    (nearly had a heart attack yesterday going to GP
    when this prick turned on front of me between
    Morwell and Driffield on Morwell - Mirboo Nth road.)
    9. Signs that say "high accident intersection". How
    about FIXING the intersection, instead of a warning
    message? Nar Nar Goon/Princes Hwy comes to
    10. Intersections with shrubbery that blocks your view
    of approaching traffic.
  12. mjt57 I'm with you fix the road & fark off the warning sign about it being a craappy road!

    Worst roads in Victoria Cranbourne to the Island!
  13. hey!! they fixed that road, they painted blue lines on it.
  14. If thats "fixing" it, they should be shot - a pot of blue paint could have been bought YEARS ago...
  15. WILLIAMSTOWN Ferguson Street, there are manholes in the middle of the road, sunken into the bitumen at varying depths.

    The worst of these is sunken in about four pharking inches, possibly five.

    I think its mostly a result of the road being resurfaced so many times that its caused this build up. Hobson's Bay Council don't seem to care much.

    Considering how much the greedy bastards must rake in from all the parking fees and fines, the roads around Williamstown are just completely disgraceful.

    that's all i have to say...[
  17. For what it's worth I had this issue raised with VMAC at their last meeting, not sure if it gained any concrete results but do know it was discussed at length.

    There is a standard I believe for these plates that is "supposed" to make them more motorcycle friendly, reality is it isn't happeing whish is why I wanted it taken up with VMAC.

    Some may see them as a toothless tiger but personally, given that we have a $50 levy in place currently, i'd rather they administer it than the RACV as was the original plan.