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Things seem to be coming together nicely,cornering...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Sweeris, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. I had a new set of tyres put on my bike 3 weeks ago. They are the dunlop GPR-A10's. They are alot better than my old set which were the dunlop arrowmax. I have to scrub them in somehow so over the last 2 weeks I've been heading out to the spur when I have time.

    It felt quite fun scrubbing new tyres. When I go over the part of the tyre that hasnt been used yet I'd feel like my bike would start to slide. Anyway from that first few times at the spur on new tyres I started to concentrate on my body position.

    After reading knee down tread from raven and had some input from other riders I kinda knew what I should work on. When I started I was abit stuck on how to start practing. I found that I was goning abit too fast around corners so it kinda got me abit worried to try and position my body. So I slowed down abit and started practing.

    I started with, by leaning my upper body abit more than I used to in corners. It felt abit more natural and helps the bike corner abit better. Then I worked on relaxing more which helps abit more.

    Both things helped quite abit. I didnt even notice that I was going around corners abit faster than I used to (and leaning my body and my bike more). After the two things I practiced on I kinda got stuck on the part where I move my bum out. It doesnt feel right. I think I moved my bum out and I twisted my body in the process. My chin and knee would be going over the inside fairing. Am I doing thing wrong? It doesnt feel like its falling into place like the two things I practiced before.

    Any advice on what I should be doing next?

  2. your going the right way about, bum off should be a natural progression though, and when it happens you should let your inside knee fall out, don't try hold it in as this well make the positioning feel all strange, good work on what you have achieved so far though :grin:
  3. I often come across a few threads where I cannot offer constructive input.
    This is one of them :oops:
    I'm sure if you ask nicely, one of the many skilled riders here would be more than willing to help.

  4. Sounds like you are making the right moves.
    If you are pulling your knee into the bike while moving your bumb that will be causing the twist. An other thing to note is that you want to move your bumb and be prepared for the corner before you go into it, if you are too late you are going to be twisting because you are forced to keep your knees in to control your body while you are moving it.
    So as you approach, look for your turn in point, set your speed, move your bumb, then as you approach the turn in point look through for your exit, and move your upper body over as you counter steer in
    Slow and steady, no throwing the bike down the road because you were pushing to hard
  5. OMG - Falconlord it's BUM....not BUMB! :p :p :LOL: :wink:
  6. I dunno Rosie .. looks more like a 'bumb' to me :butt: :LOL:

    BTW .. saw your debut on the TAC site last night Congrats !!
    also saw Vic's ugly moosh .. Way to Go Netriders!
  7. Sorry about the above post Sweeris ;) just had to get that out of my system. :LOL:

    All I can suggest is that when learning something, do it at a slower pace (as you did with the upper body pos and relaxing) to start with...till you get the feel and the idea. Give it time and plenty of practice and playing around and I'm sure you'll get it because you've got the right mindset to. :)

    :oops: VCM...I watched it once and wont watch it again. :LOL:
  8. Hi Anak.

    Without actually seeing you, it sounds like you are doing things correctly.
    For your 250, it is'nt necessary to move your bum across too much, as they are a very light and nimble bike, so careful not to overdo it.
    I would suggest, about a 1/2 of an arse-cheek for now. That will help prevent you from getting too twisted as well.

    As for the body twist...it is important to keep your shoulders "square" with the direction of travel, so think of that when you start to move your upper body.
    If you allow your inside leg to fall out, that will also help keep your body correctly aligned, as it will open up your hips...but do not reach with it...just let it go to it's natural position.
    It takes a little practice, but it will feel right, when you've slotted yourself in correctly.