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Things not to say to a naked man:

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Dude, Aug 9, 2005.

  1. 1) Ahh, its cute.
    2) Who circumcised you?
    3) Why dont we just cuddle?
    4) You know they have surgery 5) to fix that.
    7) Its more fun to look at.
    8) Make it dance.
    9) You know, theres a tower in Italy like that.
    10)Its ok, well work around it.
    11) Oh no, a flash headache.
    12) (giggle and point)
    13) Can I be honest with you?
    14) This explains your car.
    15) All right, a treasure hunt
    16) I didnt know they came that small.
    17) Why is God punishing you?
    18) I never saw one like that before.
    19) I hear excessive masturbation shrinks it.
    20) Maybe it looks better in natural light.
    21) Oh, I didnt know you were in an accident.
    22) Aww, its hiding.
    23) Are you cold?
    24) Is that an optical illusion?
    25) What is that?
    26) Were you neutered?
    27) Is that a second belly button?