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Things NOT to do while wearing a helmet ...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Rybky, May 21, 2008.

  1. * Burp

    After having beef stroganof for lunch and a couple of coffees during the day, was riding home last night and burped which felt great for my gut but I nearly fell of the bike trying to get the visor open!!! :sick:

    I guess sneezing and throwing up should be added to this list! Anyone have any others to add based on experience?

  2. Onion was a clear fail for me the other day. :grin:
  3. Do not try and reach for the keys that just fell behind the furniture, your head can't get as close to the wall as you might think it can.
  4. For me is probably sneezing.. I spend about 2hrs on the road everyday and I have a cold. It's damn hard trying not to sneez for one full hour :(
  5. Forgot I had put the helmet on and went to kiss the missus 'goodbye'. She wasn't happy.

    Sneezing with the visor down can get pretty gross.
  6. That's why midrange to high-end helmets have breath-guards!
  7. I have a shoei with a breathguard.

    A really sloppy sneeze can get past it mate haha. Plus, I have a fat asian nose rather than a sharp caucasian one, so it doesn't properly get covered by the guard.
  8. Walk in to garage, put helmet on, remember something I left in house so go to walk out - BANG. Dammit...stoopid low garage door... :roll:
  9. Flip-face lids FTW! Flip to sneeze, flip to cough, in fact bugger it, leave it flipped until you're in the freeway and feel closer to the world.
  10. I was waiting at some lights the other day and my head was itchy and i tried to scratch it while still having the helmet on :oops:
  11. Walk into a bank?
  12. Take a leak......... Oh you mean a bike helmet sorry :p
  13. Wear a hat.
  14. spit chewy or scratch your nose
  15. i watched a guy light up a smoke then close his visor :LOL:
  16. Try and drink a bottle of water, WITH your gloves on. It slipped once and the inside of my helmet near the mouth area was soaked. Not happy chappy.
  17. ...Having sex.

    Yeah it all sounded kinky at the time, but 10 mins later and 1 bloody nose, things just didn't seem all that great after all.
  18. Sneezing or getting a bug in your eye (Happens to me in the most crucial times). :shock:
  19. Is that in relation to this thread or Bosco's post above??

  20. how did u get a blood nose?