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Things Not To Do In A Helmet

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Lobsta, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. thought this could be a good thread for a laugh. kinda like the Noob threads but specifically for helmets.

    read on a bike safety website somewhere and there was a story that the author had sunscreen on his face and went for a ride and the heat inside the helmet vaporised the sunscreen and it got all in his eyes, which you can imagine the results.

    I had a similar experience yesterday. riding to work and before i left i thought... "hmm, coffee breath, better have a breath mint", so i popped a XXX mint in my mouth and off i went. so riding along and a breathed out through my mouth... "hmm, minth fresAAAARGH!". it was like getting toothpaste in your eyes (i know how this feels, dont ask).

    was very careful to breathe out though my nose for the rest of my ride, which still had a bit of the same effect, but not too bad.

    So my list is:
    Things not to do in a helmet:
    - Have sunscreen on
    - Suck a breath mint

    Come on, I know there are more out there...

  2. Sneeze
  3. Much to learn has this apprentice.

    Search and look
    it's been done but just to satisfy you
    Don't do these things:
    spit with the visor closed

    there that sums it up
  4. Burping after eating garlic isn't overly pleasant with a helmet on
  5. vomit :shock:
  6. ride behind a garbage truck!
  7. You can ride inside your own helmet ?
    Man .. I thought I was a small guy :LOL:
  8. Do people even READ threads anymore?
    what has riding behind a garbage truck got to do with what not to do inside a helmet??????
  9. spitting would be the worst when u get it all in the lining.

    mm yum
  10. I sometimes sing, not a good thing as there is no music playing and so you hear yourself and think maybe you should shut the fu*k up because your not a singer :grin:
  11. Take a dump?

    That would seem like a bad idea. Unless it was somebody else's.
  12. i think he means cos of the smell of the garbage truck that'll get trapped in your helmet.......???

    dont get it on with the mrs with your helmet on.... apparently you'll fog your visor ;)
    (who wants to do some 'research' and stick it on youtube for us to debate the results?? :p ) lol
  13. me.
    who wants to help me out?
    must be female. under 25. attractive. wears leathers, motorbike or other :p
  14. aV1D148A.

  15. :p LOL
  16. My partner has found she can eat most things with a full-face on sitting behind me. Just have to break or take bits in nice thin pieces.

    I find that having a really runny nose is horrible in a helmet - you know, where it runs over your lips, collecting in the sensitive fleshy recesses there, and the only thing to do is leave it there or lick it up, which means you're a snot-eater. Not my cup of tea :(
  17. Snot pleasent is it Matt. :LOL:
  18. pick your nose

    drink a scooner
  19. things not to do in a helmet ...

    ride a motorcycle whilst in america ... especially if doing stunts
  20. Kiss your girlfriend, especially if she is not wearing one, they turn to putty in your hands if you go in fast enough but if you don't they get a bit narky. :LOL: