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Things I should do before buying a private sale bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by [swifty], Dec 12, 2006.

  1. Hey guys, potentially looking at getting my first bike on sunday!!! wooot
    so the question that i immediately want to ask is:
    What should i to to make sure i dont get burnt with it?

    The bike is very very low km's so a simple physical checkover should do it... but paperwork and all... i dont wanna hand over all that green and get left with nothing.

    Being of limited experience, i am thinking about putting it on the back of a Holden Rodeo to get it home (Mulgrave to Melton is pretty far!) so i can avoid some city driving straight away. So the next question is: Dad's convinced that a few ropes and she'll be right... will she?

    I'll be picking my gear up from Peter Stevens on Saturday, pending a decent price on it all... but wont matter if i cant get it all as i have the ute to get it home.

    Thoughts, Queries, Questions and Concerns are more than welcome!!

    Port80 thought that someone may be interested in coming with me to look it over (at the cost of a 6 pack). Thinking that this may be a good idea so the offer is open!! (it always helps to have an extra set of hands to get it on the back of the ute too!!)

    Cheers Guys
  2. if you are going to tie it down make sure front forks a tied down tight so you dont get the bike pivoting or else it will fall .. better if you can lock the stiring
  3. is it a private sale bike or from a shop?
    you might want to get a VIP from Vicroads make sure it's not stolen doesn't have finance owing on it. etc.
    you'll need to get the rego and VIN from the vendor.

    get some sort of warranty if it's from a dealer. 3 months, 6 months what ever.

    you'll also need a vehicle transfer form. vendor should provide one. otherwise downloadable from vicroads web site.
  4. its a private sale (as per the topic) yeh i figured i'd have to get it checked for finance or whether its reported as stolen... i'll call the guy tomorrow and get the VIN and rego and do the relevant checks i guess... seems kinda weird its just a signature on a piece of paper tho :)
  5. If you put in an offer and its accepted and you give a deposit, I'd write up a contract with the name of the seller and purchaser, details of the bike, conditions of the sale and the course of action if you don't proceed with the sale (e.g. if the pre-purchase inspection uncovers extensive faults then you are entitled not to proceed with the purchase). The contract should have at least the bike details, the amount, the deposit amount and date of agreement. Both you and the seller should sign it, of course. It might sound like a lot but dealing with "black and white" minimises the potential for getting any grief and you both clearly know where you stand.
  6. I've already put my hand up to ride it home for you - or at least 90% of the way, so a ute may not be required. Organise a full quote on insurance and keep the ref no, when you pick up the bike ring up and tell them to action the quote immediatly.
  7. cheers guys, thanks for all the help... i think port80 will be riding her home if all comes up good on sunday... i'll just pay for it in full (via a bank cheque) which i assume to be somewhat traceable. I'll get all the vic roads forms filled out and all that too!!
  8. don't forget a receipt of purchase.

    one for you, the other for him/her.

    state the obvious:


    your name/their name

    purchase price



    vin #


    as well as any other goodies included in the purchase.

    drivers licence # from both the purchaser/seller



    *have them read and agree to it before they sign.

    have fun.


    oops, yeah, what 'GoTeam' said.
  9. You may want to check with the vendor if they will accept a bank cheque as some people are worried that they could be cancelled (this happened to me and was frustrating at the time)