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Things i need to know so i'll make 1 whole post...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by OzzyDevil, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Insurances

    I know i have to get this so i want to know what would be the best and well not the cheapest but what do u guys have... The bike is going to a loan through Suzuki i have no problem with that but Insurance well i have know clue..

    I just want all my info before i take a good plunge on getting my bike...

  2. ring around or find a broker who will do motorbike insurance.
  3. I was with Nrma on my l's and p's as no-one else wanted to know me. My vtr250 was about $340 comprehensive a year. But I asked nrma about my gsxr750 and they wanted $1300. Insure my ride was $760 and swann was $540.00 and that was with my gear and personal equipment ( phone ) covered. I know a few riders who are with them and they've had no problems and swann have been around for a long time. You can guess who I went with. Hope this gives you a guide.
  4. How are the figures they gave you for the loan ??
    Bike shops can get access to good loans and good INSURANCE.
    It is a joke and you have to work to keep some bucks in your pocket with bike insurance.
    Play them out and get the best. Make sure you get a 12 month new for old replacement is all I can say. Murphy's law and all.
  5. I got told roughly for about 12 grand it will be about 65 to 70 bucks aweek i can handle that but i don't know about in Insurance but... He said he can put that in to but i hope it's not expense lol
  6. 12 grand on a first bike. i would shop around for the bike first.
  7. First things first: why are you getting insurance?

    OK, it seems like a bloody obvious answer but it's worth asking yourself that question.

    If your answer is "on some occasions when things go wrong I'll get 90% of the value of my bike, be without transport for up to three months, will have to pay for my own new boots/helmet/jacket etc" then shop around for the absolute cheapest insurance and hope you never have to use it.

    If your answer is "I want to be completely and totally covered any time something could go wrong, I want my new bike replaced with a new bike, I want the full value of my bike and all gear should it get written off, I want guarantees about how long it will take to process claims so I'm not without transport any longer than necessary" then you need to ensure that you are asking the right questions of the insurance companies and reading the fine print.

    You get what you pay for is also true when it comes to insurance and while cheap is good, it's not always the best. My personal philosophy is insurance is a back up just in case I need it. But if I do need it I want to be back on the road with absolutely zero disadvantage to myself. For my needs I found there were a lot of companies that were cheaper but none that also suited my individual needs.

    Also I think there may be a Netrider Member discount with an insurer so look into that too!
  8. Yeah i have well the bike is 10.400 and then all gear so thats why it might come to that...
  9. racv can be very good if you have other policies with them. swan through a dealer can be good too.
  10. Thx again guys for your help on this one..
  11. The simple answer to your question is that there is no simple answer. Everyone is different and a company that is cheap for one person may not be cheap for you. A company which is cheap for you on one bike, may not even be the cheapest for you on another. You will need to ring around and get quotes.

    And yep don't forget that some companies give discounts for Netrider members.