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Things I learnt on my first ride...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Aly, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. I got my bike!!! :dance::dance::dance:

    Special thanks to the young girl at the dealership who came out to make sure I was okay and told me how to get out of the car park. I think the boys sent her out to make sure I was okay as I was just sitting there on the bike for a bit.

    I learnt that a 15 minute drive is 30 minutes in peak hour.
    I learnt that I can ride in stop start traffic.
    I learnt that its just like a car and you do need to tell the lady not merging properly to get &#^$&@ed
    I learnt that the bike doesn't like engaging 1st gear once you've stopped.
    I learnt that its a biatch to try to paddle the bike up hill to find that 1st gear but giving a I'm sorry wave to the car behind for making them wait gets a positive response.
    I learnt that I need to carry around a midget to dress me because those gloves are a pain to get on and off.
    I learnt that there is no 7th gear :(
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  2. I should also give a special big thanks to Mick from HART somerton who took the Learner to License course. Without that course there is no way in hell I would have tried to pick up the bike by myself.
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  3. Well done Aly =D> !!!!

    The first ride usually is the hardest and you accomplished it !!

    See you at Saturday practice soon !!!
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  4. Hey Aly, thanks for the chuckle and congrats on the first ride, just a tip, if you want 1st and cant find the bugger, while standing still, slowly let the clutch out [no revs] and when you feel the bike starting to move just that little bit, pull clutch in and try findind 1st again. Bikes can be tempremental, hmm full moon tonight isnt it, yep shoudl work tomorrow lol :) see you next time I'm down at sat prac not making it this week but following should do so, ride safely and swear till your hearts content they cant you hear you scream with a helmet on..
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  5. Thanks guys. It felt amazing. I ended up not having a car escort (Aussieak will be mad because he offered to come with me) so was on my own and it was great.

    I'll try that next time goddie. Thankfully I read up on the Ninja and knew that it could be an issue so I didn't panic. Would rolling backwards work?

    Aussieak, thanks for the tip about going left and then right, when going right at roundabouts. That works really well!
  6. Oh I also learnt that its a bit scary when you see a bus coming up behind you while stopped at lights.
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  7. Don't worry, once you're more confident travel time will be greatly reduced.

    I ride so much these days the very rare time I'm forced into a car I'm always running late as I have no concept of 'car time'.
  8. the panic will setlle Aly, you will have the nerves on for a littl while yet, you will do well!
    Sat morn prac's will help you heaps!!
  9. I did have a little devil on my shoulder saying "you know..you could cruise down the left side of everybody.."
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  10. Dont do it Aly!!
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  11. That's what the good angel said
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  12. Well done Aly.

    So when are we going to see you at practice?
  13. Congrats Aly and enjoy the ride...
    Plenty here with willing to help..

    One thing you'll eventually learn though....
    A 15 min trip in peak will eventually still take 15 min on a bike... :p
    But not yet.... (y)
  14. This week I have a wedding. The following week I'll come down but maybe just in the car. I have to be at the You Yangs for abseiling by 1pm. I cant city drive without the gps.
  15. Thanks. I've still got so much to learn.
  16. You're a crack up. That's the best ride report I've read for awhile, you'll do well.

    It sux doesn't it? Wait until you learn that 150bhp means you don't need to use any after 2nd
  17. I learnt that I dont understand Chef speak.

    Seriously though...how do I get to 100? I was looking for 7th at 80kms. Its going to scream.
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  18. That's my first genuine lol for the day....that's Gold!!!

    The little screamers are the best hon, just don't be shy with them ;)

    I dunno what you bought, but the 2fiddys have to rev out to make power or the engine bogs down. It sounds painful at first but you get used to it.

    It's important to learn your gearing and your revs so you're sitting just inside the bottom of the power range.

    Getting on the cones on a saturday morning is fine, but you need to go to an industrial estate and learn about the revs and gear changing too.

    Speaking of which, make sure you grab hold of someone knowledgeable and have them 'set' your bike for you. Makes the learning process so much easier.
  19. What bike do you have?
  20. motorcycle's cruising rev normally around 4500 - 5500.
    It is different from a car, which do around 2000.