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Things I have learned today....

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Empty One, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. Real simple little game we all put in a little lesson we have learned today.

    Today, thanks to the pretty young thing ahead of my on the stairs at work I learned that dental floss can indeed be used as underwear. I also learned that short skirt + dental floss + target fixation will result in walking into a bollard at just the right angle to ensure that thoughts of dental floss, short skirts etc.. are instantly banished from mind.:oops:
  2. A bollard in the bollox hey!
  3. Can ruin your whole day
  4. If it's only a day of blurred vision you're doing well.
  5. I learnt yesterday that when your son says he drives like a nanna, it ONLY means he sticks to the speed limit. No matter how twisty or busy the road is, he drives at the limit.

    I'm still shaking.....
  6. I learned today that I need to cull some people from my Facebook friends list.

  7. I think that statement is better.....

    Everyday - people need to be culled.....
  8. That could be interesting in peak hour traffic.
  9. Well, he slows down when he has to, but if there's a break or a way around, he doesn't hesitate. Like riding a bike..but in a cage.
  10. Has anyone noticed this new trend of young girls (16-25) wearing short shorts that reveal the lower quarter or half :whistle: on their arse cheeks? I'm not complaining, but just commenting on the fact it's starting to make old men look likes perverts due to the sheer shock of someone dressing like that in public (and it's not too bad on the old eyes either) :ROFLMAO:
  11. It could be worse....... ukkkkk.
  12. i realised thatit is possible to waste hours playing zombies games on your new iPhone. studid zombies 1 & 2 and into the dark for those who like a challenge, now when im out picking up kids etc nah its fine take your time
  13. Been to a music festival lately? I was more surprised by the sudden see through shirt trend a few years back.
  14. Nah mate, Never really got into it as I usually don't like every song of my fav artists and thought it was for more hardcore musos. Well that was until I realized that most people who go to them don't either and just get maggot and dance around like yobo's. :eek:
  15. Today I learned I should probably start going to music festivals ;)