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Things bogans like

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by stanley, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. In a shameless nod to 'Stuff white people like', some colleagues and I have started writing a blog with more meaning to the average Australian, and those who dislike them.


    Please do visit and pass the link on, because I actually think the site will become good enough to gain a bit of a following.


    Also, a facebook fan group thing, that will tell you when there are updates, and what topics they're on.
  2. Humorous stuff, I'll read it more fully later (or, perhaps, after the movie comes out!)

    referring to our "English and Grammar" thread, you just provided a classic example of something I noted there as hating...

    the bogan leaves themselves open to exposure

    The bogan (singular) cannot leave themselves (plural) open to exposure.....

    The bogan leaves himself or herself open to exposure, is correct.
  3. Ah, correct, cheers. Somewhat alarming that it got through, actually. I don't want the blog's high moral ground to become shaky, so it's now fixed :)
  4. Tramp Stamps
  5. Bogans like motorbikes
  6. There's a bit of bogan in all of us. Liking bikes on its own isn't enough to make someone a major bogan though!
  7. haha very nice.
  8. not bad at all
  9. Liking bikes doesn't make you a bogan, but bogans do like bikes.

    I've always liked the definition of a bogan as someone who lives in a mobile home with 5 cars that aren't :LOL:.
  10. A bogan is someone who is more trashy than yourself.

    Being self-aware can be scary.
  11. Bogan: the home town of... bogans?

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  12. I am a bogan, I had a mullet and a torana, a V8 XY wagon etc etc but I am now a CUB in a suit and gelled hair!

    Bogans rock FTW.:cheeky:
  13. I think your list is not so much Bogan, but children of middle class Australia.

    Bogan is much more Winnie Blue then what you have blogged.
  14. Yeah and that is my point, the word bogan has been hijacked.
  15. I don't think it has been hijacked, I think that much of Australia's middle class has become ignorant and uneducated enough to meet 'bogan' stereotype requirements.

    If you have a look on tv, all the shows appealing to the lowest common denominator suggests that we are becoming boganised-and that the majority of us already are.
  16. Perhaps there is a new sub-class emerging. Not quite Bogan, not quite Yuppy. It's Yogan.
  17. =D> The Bec and baby matching dresses are quite yogan. Reminds me of Kath & Kel's matching Ken Done jumpers.

  18. Yogan FTW :cheeky:=D>=D>
  19. Agree with ibast.
    I think what you're describing are today's very average, but very dominant, middle class.
    Still good to take a shot at them though, and the posts are amusing, keep it up :]

    Oh yeah and "Yogan" - that really could catch on. That's newspaper-article-worthy.
    The funny thing is, I can imagine Yogans reading the article in the Hun and thinking it's not about them, because they genuinely believe they're unique and different ....