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Thieving scum strike collection of rare bikes in Melbourne

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pvda, Aug 11, 2005.

  1. Lifted from the News pages of mcnews.com.au

    Thieving scum strike collection of rare bikes in Melbourne

    August 11th, 2005

    On the night of Monday 8th August, there was a break in at AMI’s previous premises, at 409 City Road, South Melbourne, and four rare vintage bikes were stolen. These bikes were part of Alex Milledge’s private collection and, apart from their dollar value, hold great sentimental value.

    It seems unlikely that anyone would attempt to sell these bikes openly within Australia as they would clearly be identifiable; so the fear is that they are already hidden in a container bound for other shores, and/or have been stolen on behalf of a private collector who has no conscious or scruples!

    The thieves definitely seemed to know what they were doing as they targeted specific bikes (leaving other rare bikes untouched) and did not bother stealing any other valuables on the premises. They also seemed to know the internal layout of the building very well.

    As the building in which the bikes were stored was under renovation there has been a number of people and tradespersons through. The building was also inspected by a number of people interested in renting the premises, so it is impossible to surmise who or how the bikes were targeted.

    The bikes stolen were:
    1) 1922 Harley Davidson Flat Twin. Khaki colour. Rear tyre flat but reasonable condition. Front Tyre perished.
    2) 1913 FN - Four cylinder – grey colour
    3) 1919 Chavanet – cream colour
    4) 1913 Rex

    If you could use your media association to help us gain exposure on this burglary or can help us in any way in our search to retrieve these bikes, your help would be greatly appreciated.

    If you would like further information please don’t hesitate to call or email.

    Thank you in advance for your assistance.

    Kind Regards

    Libby Ross and all the AMI team

    Australian Motorcycle Importers,
    Ph. +61 3 9690 1117, fax. +61 3 9690 1351
  2. I'm sorry to hear of Alex's loss.

    Best of luck finding them.
  3. Stolen bikes

    from aust motorcycle importers

    Is there someone here who works at AMI that can give an update on what is supposed to have happened here?

    There is a lot of rumours going around at present, which I am not interested in repeating here.

    Some facts would be more appropriate.

  4. Now you are just being funny dan.