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Thieving &*#$#'s

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by MissionMan, Jul 24, 2011.

  1. Had my scooter taken last night - wasn't worth much so I hadn't insured it for the last year because the excess would have virtually been the cost of the bike.

    Had already got approval from the wife for a Ducati but the annoyance of not having a bike for 2 months is a killer (waiting for new models with ABS), not to mention the need to try find the bastard and feed his testicles to him through a straw.

    Just venting, sorry people

  2. I find it funny that thieves actually bother with scooters and little chinese pieces of crap. I guess there is a market for everything.
  3. Probably parts. With lots of scooters around there must be a big parts market
  4. hopefully you'll see it again but I wouldn't hold your breathe.

    Not sure where you are but I saw an odd ad on gumtree (sydney) recently where someone was renting out their scoot while they were on hols - if its still there it might just suit the both of you.

    PS which new Duc?
  5. you said this was a beewee 100, thats the 2 stroke one yes? apparently they arent doing them in a 2 banger anymore, so they are a little sought after.
  6. 659. The current stock don't have the seat cowl or the front screen and the new batch apparently get ABS as well. I used the LAMS argument to get it past my wife even though I've had my license for years and used to ride a 650 previously. She was anti-bikes but she is slowly getting used to them (even rode the scooter herself) and I got it through on the basis of "If its learner approved, it can't really be dangerous can it?" :angel:

    Yeah, it was 2 stroke
  7. my mum was not hugely pleased when I got my DR650, in her view someone still on their learner restrictions should not be riding a 650. she is one of the people who thinks CC=HP. when some 250's and racing bikes <250cc make more power than my big 650 (35hp).
    in my view I am now much more safe than I was when riding my little sachs 150. because I now have the power to get myself out of bad situations quickly. not a huge amount of power or throttle response, but I am doing a few things to the bike to help this.
  8. Cheeky bugger MM :D

    Hope you find the b@stard who nicked your scooter
  9. I have no idea what you are talking about :D
  10. Sorry to hear about the scooter but then again - congrats on the new choice of bike.

    I've been eyeing it for a while even though my bike is only 3 months old. :D

    Which colour are you planning to get?
  11. Still deciding between red and black. Black might be the final choice but I got two months to decide. Its going to be a long two months. :(
  12. It IS a tough decision to make, I know! I'm more of a Black bike sort of person. The 2 bikes I've owned have both been black.

    I've got the Black Ducati Monster 659 set up as my wallpaper on the laptop at the moment.

    All the best! Hang in there.
  13. Get a Multistrada 1200, put her on the back with the bike in Urban mode and tell her it's the safest Duc, with ABS, Traction Control and... um, "anti-crash technology".

    Once she has said yes and is out of sight (back to the knitting), put it in Sport mode for the full 150 ponies and go mad :)
  14. What? I have no idea what you're talking about; Ducati's only come in Red.

    (I love the white ones but after having bought two in Red now I can tell you you won't regret choosing it a month or three down the track :) )
  15. One NR member here got Ducati M659 Black a few weeks ago. Pic here.

  16. Next bike will be a streetfighter s, its all about baby steps.

    Its a no-win situation. I know whatever colour I get I'm going to love but I'll probably also secretly wonder "what if" I got the other colour.
  17. That looks awesome, but *whoosh* :p

    Though maybe *whoosh* for me haha
  18. Black vs Red...its a tough choice


  19. I prefer the black out of those two, but it’s a personal thing really