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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by [FLUX], Dec 16, 2008.

  1. Walking through the carpark at the local shopping center today, I notice some guy walking briskly through the roaded section pushing a 3-wheeled baby stroller. I'm thinking to myself it's a bit odd for a parent to push their pram around on the road as opposed to the sidewalk, and look to see if there's a baby in the pusher. There wasn't, although I saw a cardigan that looked to be covering up something smaller.

    Still, thought it a bit odd that this guy was walking out of a shopping center with a pusher and no baby in it, and no shopping, but hey, benefit of the doubt.

    He starts jogging one way up the footpath and I cross the road. Look back and some security guards start running out, so I run back and ask them if the guy was a thief, and they confirm that the guy had nabbed the pusher from a mother+child and hightailed it out of the center. I quickly assess that like most security guards these ones aren't fit enough to pursue at more than an elevated walking pace.

    I set off down the road after him, but I've been laid low with a minor medical condition lately and wasn't able to sustain a pace sufficient to gain on him above the ~100m head start he already had. Somewhat odd for me as I go to the gym fairly regularly and can sustain a decent pace for extended periods normally but today my legs felt like lead instead. He rounded a corner which I arrived at some 20 secs later and there were three ways he could've gone.

    Quickly ran to see which of the three ways and didn't spot him down any of them. Ducked and hid perhaps? Pursued down the most likely path but for nought. Odd though, there was another guy there walking along looking suspicious as, and then I thought the better of engaging potentially two individuals should I find the first guy.

    In the end I simply ran out of energy and gave up. I feel terrible that I wasn't able to help more to catch the asshole.

    No real point to this story. Just had to get it off my chest. Having had a motorbike stolen in my past I hate thieves with a passion. Shits me that today of all days that I was so weakened that I was unable to assist more when I was basically witness to a theft right in front of me.

    How f*cking scummy though to go after a soft target like a mother + baby. Makes my blood boil.

  2. Thieves have no scruples.
  3. Hopefully you'll catch the next one FLUX, then you can give him a double dose.
  4. sux there are people like this in our society... :cry:
  5. Well they probably just got a few grand off the government, baby bonus + Krudds xmas incentive, she can buy a new one.
  7. I chased and caught a bag-snatcher near World Square, Sydney...

    Stole it from a little old Chinese lady... tried to tell me she was a drug pusher... tried to grab the bag back a few times, then started to punch at me... hit me on the jaw before another bloke came over and he ran off...

    got back to the office, and everyone was saying "you are stupid, you shouldn't get involved, he could have had a knife"... which on reflection is true, but I don't want my kids to grow up in a world where people do whatever they like because they know people won't get involved...

    Went to the cops the next day to report it, and they said they have an average of 2 bag snatches A DAY in the block where World Square is... perhaps that could be something they could look into rather than sitting on the highway waiting for people to do 10% over the speed limit...

    My dear old Grandma had her bag stolen 3 times... They don't care that a stiff breeze would knock her over and a broken hip would have been the death of her... That is how they should be treated when and if they are caught...

    There are a shitload of scummy people in Australia...

  8. Bad luck FLUX, where was this? Bayside?

    I turned right into chapel st off dandenong rd one day and saw a guy run out in front of me causing me to brake hard. There was a lot of finger pointing towards him and a couple of guys giving chase so I turned after him and pulled up about 20 meters in front. I jumped off and he ran straight into my arms, at the same time throwing something in the air. He must have been a bit startled at first but then decided to punch me in the side of the head but as I still had my helmet on I almost laughed. Pushed him into the wall and then two big burly ethnic guys grabbed him and started frog marching him back.

    Apparently he had stolen a mobile phone out of an open car window.

    On reflection it was probably not the smartest thing to do as I had no idea what he had done but instinct sort of took over and you try and do the right thing.

    Next time FLUX make sure you have your bike handy, then you don't have to worry about the gym! :grin:
  9. Yup. I think everyone should carry a gun. Certainly would make people more polite.
  10. +1
  11. I'd prefer to have laser eyes and easily target the legs... shooting someone for a petty crime would see you in a world of trouble.

    Good onya for trying Flux. What a farking prick. I sincerely hope that the stroller did not have a baby in it.

    A past housemate chased and nabbed a bag snatcher on Smith street Collingwood once... but then he was a world under 19's Taekwondo runner up, so had limited fear for himself.
  12. I wish I was world under 19's Taekwondo runner up... I would hang out where bag snatches happened hoping for a chance to nut someone... :)...

    and 2day FM waiting for Kyle Sanderlands... (and probably JackieO as well)

  13. When i was living in the UK I was working as a manager for FCUK (for those who know me - yes i have the ability to be nice to the paying customer)...

    A guy came in and grabbed a handfull of jeans (the english call it a "snatch")

    Adrenaline kicked in and i pounced on him bringing his punk a$$ to the ground!

    Later i was grilled by the store owner for my lapse of judgement as the guy could have pulled a knife, or given me a hiding if he wasnt so doped up)...

    Moral of the story - if you caught up to this doofas - he may have hurt you..
  14. How much?
  15. :shock:


    Didnt even see that one coming.
  16. haha beat me to it
  17. i recently witnessed a hit and run (against a car, not person) and chased the guy down in my POS ZL Fairlane - on gas - with 380000km on the clock.
    i seen the guy doing laps previous and noticed he wasnt too hot in the driving dept, i even said to the missus "i bet he hits some cnt".
    sure enough, he did.
    he ran up the arse of a Sudanese chick.
    he got out, ripped the front bumper off and i knew then, he was going to run.
    chased him down in his obviously crap VS commodore (if i could keep up in tired worn out crapper - his car must have been crap)
    anyway, after some impoundable speeds and driving, we hit the counrty roads and he ended up taking a corner too fast.
    he slid out, ended up in the ditch but he still wanted to run.
    fortunately being stuck, he couldnt.
    we were on the phone to the cops the whole way so it was a matter of minutes and they were there.
    We let the Officer know that he may get a few phone calls about a green ZL driving irratically and at high speeds.
    Took our names incase he needed to contact us and he said dont worry about it, itll be fine.
    anyway, the Chick now has someone to claim the damage against.

    none really.
    Would i do it again?
  18. Good work. Though by your description, I don't think your speeds would have been that great ......... more you would have to worry about the EPA with the trail of rust you left from suburbs to country. :D

    Well done.
  19. Ha. Reminds my of the time I went to meet my ex at a shopping centre. Parked my dirty bike round the side of the front entrance, met the ex and went about our business. Once finished, I was walking back to my bike from the back entrance of the shopping centre and noticed this young bloke pushing a dirty bike down the footpath -on the other side of the road. Kept walking and all of a sudden it hit me. F#CK ME, thats MY bike the f#cking little arsewipe is pushing down the road. I got such a shock that I made a bit of a mistake and started yelling and swearing at the little shit as I took off in pursuit. In hindsight I should have just quietly crossed the street and hammered the little prick as he walked past. Upon seeing me galloping down the road towards him with my moto x boots on and helmet in hand the little shit dropped my bike and took off for his life. Like the scared little piss weak shit stain that he was. To this day I am still unbelievably pissed off that I wasn't wearing my normal commuting gear of jeans and runners. At least then I would have stood some sort of chance of catching him. I still get all fired up just thinking about it 12 or so years later. Motherf#cker.
    Moral of the story -when commuting about town, don't wear your full saftey gear 'cause many many years later you will be kicking yourself on missing out on applying some swift well deserved justice.
  20. Same as I wrote in response to davway. Good work. If you are able to help and did that is great. :D

    Reading this thread there seem to be a lot of people willing to help when its needed. I'm impressed. Yes there is danger but it is up to the individual to consider there abilities. Of course we must be aware of the worse case scenario such as that shooting in town that took the life of Brendan Keilar and nearly took the life of Paul De Waard, but at what point do we stop helping for fear of what may happen.

    Again, well done.