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Thieves broke the ignition lock on my Spada

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by gaudian, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. Hi,
    Somebody tried to steal my bike breaking the ignition key lock and making a bridge with the wires. Now I'm trying to start the bike to take it to repair but I can't.
    Any ideas on how I can start the bike with the ignition key broken?

    Goddamned thieves!

  2. Check all your fuses.
    It's likely they shorted something in their attempt to start it.

    Failing that, you need a wiring diagram & soldering iron..

    Failing that - got a mate with a ute? :)
  3. +1 on the fuse thing.... either pinch a similar fuse out of something u don't need or risk it with a bit of alfoil.
  4. Or purchase a packet of fuses for $2.95 from your local service station or auto accessory outlet :)
  5. Many thanks for the tips, I'll check it out and hope it works.
    I don't have a friend with an ute.. :(

    These bloody thieves, I thought that this area was secure but it seems that I'm wrong. I live in Hornsby. The bike was parked in the complex parking space, underneath the building with "secure" access...
  6. Pfff you do now.

    Hornsby is pretty close. PM sent :)
  7. Someone in same complex maybe tried taking it.
  8. Ktulu thanks a lot mate!

    I love to be a biker!
    The community we have here in Sydney is amazing. So I love to ride not only for riding itself but for the other bikers on the road ! :)

    Yes I think the burglar might live pretty close to me...

  9. Yes, the fuses were the answer. A 30 amp fuse was broken. I've used the spare one and voila! I took the bike to Procycles. Now waiting for the call that will tell me how much it will hurt.

  10. insurance is the key, hopefully.
    Good luck man, let us know how u go
  11. `Steal a mans horse` ....cut of their arm !
  12. OK, Just to finish the anecdote, Procycles bought a second hand ignition key lock for me. This plus fitting costed me $ 279...

    The thieves should look at the disk lock on the rear wheel before trying to rob the bike... Too much thinking for a bunch of f'ing thieves, isn't it?
  13. You were lucky they were amateurs!!
    bikes are normally carried off with water pipes through the wheels
    then put in a van
  14. Secure parking dont count for much, but you knew that cause you kept your lock on.
    Good too see you sorted out. Pity about the costs.

    Maybe they could of rewired it using all black wiring, that would of stumped em. The crims wouldnt come back with a test light would they....Maybe not.

    My friend has a great little, loud alarm with back up battery and movement sensors. Awesome little thing and installed right, they never find the siren.