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Thief to gets his hand chopped off for stealing motorbike

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Kaer, Sep 20, 2005.

  1. ouch :?

    i'm a bit conflicted. i wanna say "yay, get the little shitter!!" but on the other hand ( :LOL: oh no, thats poor taste :oops: ) thats one HARSH assed penalty :shock:
  2. "Nigerian Islamic judges have ordered that a teenager from Niger have his hand cut off after he confessed to stealing a motorbike, court officials said on Monday."

    Hope they didn't waste the hand...could have fed it to Bandit eh...
  3. I believe that that is considered a standard penalty for any sort of stealing in many countries that adhere strictly to Islamic law.

    I don't care what he stole, I couldn't justify that sort of punishment. I think that is just barbaric.
  4. mwahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahaaa :LOL:

    oooooh, thats BAD :LOL: pity they're not into cutting off noses huh :shock:
  5. He can't have stolen a Harley, cos he would heve been punished already....
    Seriously, this is medieval stuff in a modern world, and should be repulsive to all fair-minded people. Canada just rejected the parallel impostion of this sort of barbarism with its own laws, and good for them for having the courage to stand up for decency and humanity, I say.
  6. personally if there were laws like that everywhere, i could and anyone who got caugh stealing lost there hands, then i wouldn't need to lock my house/car and bike everytime i go out.... personally i am all for it
  7. Aha...fancy a debate on the existence or not, of a universal ethic, and the difference between this and a universal ethos?
  8. So the penalty over there for stealing a bike is the loss of hand, wonder what the penalty would be for corporate embezzlement of several million dollars :-k

  9. Penalty? ....you would immediately be appointed to a senior government position.
  10. cut off both hands and dump itchy bombs down their undies? :LOL: :LOL:
  11. Id like to see it introduced into Aus, only for Bike theft mind you, oh and anything else of mine. :) :)
  12. I would be interested in such a debate, but the thread nazis might not!
  13. Pity...what a wonderful opportunity to bewilder and confuse not only You, but myself, and anybody else foolish enough to get involved. We could have had a 20 or 30 page thread, totally un-contaminated by a single fact, awash with pointless opinionated pontificating.....sad....sad..
  14. yeah, and every post or three we could bring motorcycles into the thread just to stay somewhat on track.
    Cos if we WERE to have such a discussion, I would be saying....... ....... ......
  15. Personally I agree - it is barbaric (and that's speaking as someone who's had 2 bikes nicked over the years :evil: )

    I don't agree with the folks who say "well, it's their culture".

    If their culture involved slavery and human sacrifice of the first born, would they still regard it as OK?

  16. Yeah...I don't think you would get anybody on this site to disagree, bike theft is definitely barbaric.
  17. But then again you'd be in a society where even petty theives would kill to avoid capture....
  18. Our modern western society would never condone barbaric acts of violence as punishment.

  19. The laws of any country are deeper than a sensationalised article may imply, that is the reason people generally suffice with "respect their culture"- unless we are experts of the law, we really aren't in much of a position to criticise.
    I know for a fact that hand cutting as a punishment isn't implemented unless the gravity of the theft demands it. Consider someone stealing a man's only source of income/livelihood etc. Stealing 10 dollars from a man who only had 10 dollars is much more drastic a crime than to steal 10 dollars from a millionaire.
    Sure it seems barbaric, but in my opinoin it is just as barbaric to steal common liberty from a person by imprisoning him(ga ol)... i'd rather die than be locked up away from society. Also, it works- theft in these countries is very less comparatively.

    Another point to note is, theft is sometimes resorted to due to poverty- and such rules do not apply if theft was commited due to poverty (stealing some bread to eat will not result in a severed limb).