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Thicker soled boots for shorter riders?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Speed Dealer, Jun 3, 2014.

  1. My old man has just bought a BMW R1150t but is on his tip toes sitting on it. He's looking at getting the seat shaved a bit, but in the mean time, can anyone recommend a pair of motorcycle boots with a thicker sole? He currently has Sidi race style boots, not sure if you can safely get them resoled with a thicker sole? He's not keen on lowering the bike.

  2. Maybe grind off just enough of the rubber to make the sole smooth, then add a thick rubber layer?
  3. Not sure if he wants to fork out $$$ for boots, but here is male equivalent of the Daytona boots I have. They've been great for me (being short and all), are waterproof and really comfy. Only downside is that They're a bit heavy which takes some getting used too, plus some slight adjustments to foot position due to the extra few inches of rubber. I also like that a jolly German hand made my boots :]


  4. Depends on whether he wants to stick with sports style boots but if not, I think Defender boots come in a cruiser style with some protection and a reasonably chunky sole.
  5. If he has the legs for it :)

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  6. Get some heel lift inserts. should be able to add a few inches

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    I was in this shop recently & when I asked what was the best way to get a few extra inches they tried to sell me a pump :wacky:
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  8. I found the Daytona boots made gear changing a hit and miss exercise.
  9. GreyBM said the same thing. He couldn't use his at all bc he couldn't get his toe under the lever, even when adjusted.