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Thicker Handgrips - is it easy to replace the old ones?

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Tomo201070, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. Hi,

    I've been riding my Virago for the last 2 years, and I've found that my right hand sometimes seems to go numb. I bought myself some nice new gloves as a Christmas present and went out for a ride in some great weather. The new gloves are a lot thinner than the old ones and a lot more supple. Really pliable with roo leather etc.

    Unfortunately the numbness seemed worse this time out. I've decided that due to having big hands, maybe it's because I have too small a grip on the bike.

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do, or the best way forward?


  2. grips

    :wink: Hi just letting you know about grips. I have fitted oxford heated grips to my shadow cruiser I find these very comfy with the added bonus of having toasty mitts in winter time.

    I dont think they are v hard to fit I have a mate who lives in Vermont (I notice u are in Berwick) not too far away and he would probably fit them for you for a six pack of beer (he's that kind of a guy!) and he does a fab job.

    He has already adjusted my bikes suspension, and fixed the headlight angle etc etc
    so you supply whatever grips you want and a six pack of beer and I reckon he would do it for you.

    PM me back if you are interested. Viragos are a good choice too!
    One last thing make sure you are not gripping the bars too tightly I did this as a newbie (due to nerves and the traffic) and it really does cause sore hands. try to loosen your grip just a little.
    cheers Sheri
  3. Something I noticed early on when coming back to riding last year was numb hands. I rode down to Byron Bay one sunday and got numb hands about 1/2 way there, so I rode home with the gloves in my pocket instead of on my hands. No numbness.

    So I searched on Netrider about it and found some topics relating to the size of gloves. I checked mine and they were a 3XL, I have big hands, and thought the 3XL were OK, but after reading on NR about glove sizes, I bought a pair of 4XL and the numbness has largely gone. I also use a palm rest on the throttle, cost about $10 and allows me to relax my grip on the throttle somewhat when conditions allow it, therefore relieving any cramp that may be there.

    Just a thought.....


  4. YEAH!! Get Oxford heated grips and kill two birds with the one stone.
  5. +1 :grin:

    if you need to brake suddenly, it is a lot easier if your fingers move.
  6. The question for me now is, do I get the Oxford's or wait till I replace the virago with a newer bike!!

    Fancy something a lot bigger, and maybe I'll get the grips put on before picking it up

  7. I was thinking about this yesterday because since the Whitfield ride I have had ongoing and lasting numbness in my thumb and index finger on my right hand. Terrifyingly, these are both symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome! The last few times I have ridden the VFR I've looks at the various movements that hand has to go through during a ride.

    I've never had the problem in years of trail riding and scooting around on other bikes, so I suspect it's something specifically to do with the ergonomics on the VFR.

    I'm going to try wrapping the grip on the outside half to change the angle a little and see what difference (if any) that makes. Might be something for you to try.
  8. Don't get heated grips!

    I'm sure they're awesome, but it's one of those things. Once you've got them you'll never go without and you can add $500.00 to every bike you buy from now on!

    Easy enough to replace with thicker grips. Just pull or cut the old ones, use some hairspray from your significant other to lube up the bar and plonk the new on, put some wire around it for safekeeping and you're good to go.

    An easy fix would be one of those palm things. A few people have recommended them to me.
  9. 500 dollars for heated grips :shock:
    must be the gold plated
    we sell them about 200 mark takes about 1/2 to 1 hour to fit and makes a huge difference
    i do lots of klms on my M50 ( about 800-1000ks a day on a good run)
    makes a world of difference + you get to use lighter gloves in cooler conditions so its safer.
  10. Just for a different opinion, instead of spending the extra cash for new grips try out a throttle rocker. You can relax your grip of your throttle hand with it. I found it better and havent had the numb hand since.

  11. oxfords are great! However I have the opposite problem, smallish hands.

    The wider grips make it difficult for me to cover the brake